Sharpening My Claws

So to begin is it roar or rawr?  Either way it doesn’t matter to any feral that I know of as long as the effect is the same.   Feral druids are a rare breed on many servers right now.  Most druids I know are either Restoration or Balance.  No offense to either spec as both are great, but clearly not my cup of tea.  I would rather have a boss trying to rip me apart or clawing at the back of a boss.

I am a level 80 feral druid on the Shandris server on World of Warcraft.  I have been on Shandris almost since day one outside of a month long stint on Moonrunner.    Grew up on Shandris and learned every thing I didn’t know about druids from some former druids who have since transferred.   Who hasn’t been the player that posts in trade “what’s the best weapon for “Insert level and class”.   Yes, that was me for the first half of my life as a druid, but I have sense grown to appreciate theorycrafting and how feral dpsing and tanking really works.   Now I do not claim to know it all or be the best at my spec and class.  Anyone that claims that is normally lying.   So whenever you see me saying “BiS” or “the only way” take it with a grain of salt and do the research yourself.   Nothing helps a new druid better than trial and error.    So certainly more to come from this roaring druid and hopefully some interesting comments from other knowledgeable druids out there!


~ by aleanathem on April 19, 2009.

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