Ulduar and Loot Lists

Take a minute and type “feral dps loot lists” into Google.  You’ll get around 10 pages of forum threads, blogs, etc with lists and discussions.  I could sit here and write up my own loot list, but with as many as there are out there I’ll let them speak.  Runycat of Unbearably HoT has her own.  And Karthis of Of Teeth and Claws has his own thoughts.   You can go download RAWR.  It will give you a gear list tailored to your druid and almost any other character you wish.  Each of these lists are great and I recommend using them, but with caution.  Most of these lists come from other people’s numbers and what is the best in the perfect situation.

Most likely not every BiS piece will drop for you on the first of each boss downing.  You will probably not see hard mode for a while either.  That polearm off General Vezax may be the BiS available from Ulduar, but is it going to drop the first time you down him?  Highly doubtful.   Others will also be competing with you on gear(eg. hunters and rogues).   Planning out how you are going to gear up is nice, but you may as well set those lists aside and concentrate on downing the bosses.  Without Yogg down you won’t see most of your BiS gear.  Why worry about what he drops as much as what you can do to bring your best each raid night?!?  I am currently rethinking how I have gone about gearing from Karazhan until now.  Since then I have used RAWR and another gear list a friend of mine recommended.  I have come to the conclusion I shall do much like many others and just make a spreadsheet list of my gear.  I will upgrade as the loot drops and not be so concerned if it is my BiS because I can always upgrade later.   My guild isn’t even on Yogg yet.  We downed Mimiron last week and hope to have General down by Sunday.

This is my plea to any feral out there that is over emphasizing getting BiS gear immediately.  Quit worrying and just go with what drops.  Balance your gear yourself.  Any list can consider a piece of gear your BiS, but if it is putting you over budget on Hit or you are losing too much of another stat then why take it?  I have tried going with what I believed from lists to be full BiS.  I have gone over the Hit cap and lost a bit of dps in the process with that gear.  Just keep an open eye on all that gear that drops.  It may not rank at the top on that list you’ve been reading, but it may be better than what you’re currently wearing.   Most of you will most likely be like myself and not see all of the drops for another few weeks.


~ by aleanathem on May 7, 2009.

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