A Bear on the Cat Lady, Auriaya

Last night we were short a tank on Auriaya so I switched to my second spec, tank.   Being a off tank for all of TBC and mostly early on in Wrath raiding this was a chance to see how far or little feral tanking had progressed in 3.1.   The Sanctum Sentries were part of my assignment which is always fun with the immediate damage they like to pull on our normal tanks.  My current tank gear is mostly T8 and the 25 man ring off Levithan.  I was sitting around 45% dodge and 38.5k health when we pulled the first time.  The Sentries went rather normal and the fight seemed to be going okay, but then our main tank died.  I ended up picking up Auriaya and coming from my last real main tanking being OS2D and Sapphiron she seemed to hit relatively soft.  The only time I heard any signals of low health were when she feared the raid.  As usual Barkskin, Berserk, a potion, or Frenzied Regeneration always stops that.   We didn’t down her that pull either as I have to say positioning her like I would’ve liked to seemed a pain due to the size of my bear butt.

That being my first real tanking experience since Naxx and OS I have reflected a bit upon it  First, the health and armor nerfs really aren’t as bad as I thought they were to be.  I still sit pretty high on health at 38k+.  My armor really only took about a 2-3k hit.   Second, my threat issues were my own fault.  My rotation has always been a bit flawed in that I use Lacerate more than I should.  I attempt to remember to Swipe after I get up my Lacerate stacks, but I normally just end up using Lacerate more anyway.  Third, I need more expertise for that set.   12.  Yeah not much at all.

So any other feral tanks out there that have more experience and have their own ideas feel free to post.


~ by aleanathem on May 14, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Bear on the Cat Lady, Auriaya”

  1. Feral Faerie Fire is your newest high threat rotation friend! It does more damage to a single target than Swipe does, so make sure you keep it handy if threat is an issue.

    • Thanks for the idea! I’ll have to give it a try next time I have the opportunity to tank.

  2. Usually I will mangle, then lacerate up to five, then maul and swipe in between. Naturally having used faerie fire for pulling all throughout my leveling years that’s the first to go up. So I guess my tank rotation is something like faerie fire, mangle, lacerate up to five *while sneaking in a swipe or so if necessary* and then maul a few times till lacerate starts to fall off. then rinse repeat. It works wonders and I haven’t lost threat :).
    Nyhtwings of the realm arathor.

  3. Hai there,

    as Emma said earlyer on this post FFF is a very good single target threat buffer. But for what my guess is woth hit rating will prolly be best for your threat if you are falling lower and lower on the tps meters. Uldar 10 man gear has a lot of cit and expertise but im falling lower and lower from my hit cap.

    also the very easy way to boost your threat is to macro Maul to everything you do! it will cost you rage, but who isnt very full on rage when tanking a hard/fast hitting boss?

    Greets, Bram

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