Not Such a Feral

So recently I’ve been playing alts a lot.  I raid three nights a week on my druid and do dailies, etc for gold on him.  I don’t think I have grown bored of feral.  There are dps and tank loot lists in the works.  I spend plenty of time on Elitist Jerks reading the feral and boss threads.  The passion is still there, but I have to say I enjoy other classes as well.  Who really doesn’t?  If it weren’t for having alts to play I’d most likely have quit at one point in time.

My current alts are:

Kaylai- 40 something Night Elf rogue  Former little twink and soon to be my alchemist.

Kiel- 70+ Night Elf hunter.  I’ve neglected him after getting him to 70 after Al.

Stolas- 78 Human Death Knight.  Who doesn’t have a DK?  Very few.

Dillios- 63 Human Paladin.  My second toon on Shandris.  Recently changed him from Protection to Retribution.

Virtue- 16 Night Elf Priest.  Decided to try a cloth class after deleting my last, a Blood Elf mage.

Yeah, I mostly play Alliance, but I have a whole server dedicated to Horde toons.   The lure of these alts is seeing content anew.  With Al I just rushed along to 70 and then 80.  Now I am slowing down and reading quests or doing more dungeons.   Seeing how other classes work is fun as well.  It’s always better if you understand the roles of various other raiders than only yours.

I do not know when my Ulduar loot tables will be finished.   Hopefully next week you can look forward to a gear rankings post.  I plan on including some pre-3.1 loot because some items aren’t upgraded until later in Ulduar.  Good luck to all with this week’s raiding and maybe that item you were looking for will drop!


~ by aleanathem on May 19, 2009.

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