Upgrading without Grim Toll

I have seen Grim Toll drop a total of four times.  The first three times it dropped I past to hunters and others oblivious to what would come later with my gear.  Recently it dropped again and even though my guild had it slotted as BiS gear for some classes I lost the roll to arguably the best Death Knight on my server, Chaon.  Not complaining that he won it because if anyone deserves it he does.   The lack of this trinket in my set has opened the door for gearing problems.  I currently run four Tier 8(25- Chest/Helm 10- Gloves/Shoulders).  So far I am still hit capped, but to switch in better gear requires a loss of hit rating.  If  Toll would drop this it wouldn’t be an issue.   The obvious problem is finding a decent group to run Naxx with now that my guild has stopped running it.  I think this has become an issue on many servers.   Who really wants to go back and run a place they beat into the ground for weeks on end?  I’d rather not, but it has an upgrade.  On top of that if I add a run it normally conflicts with a 10 man Ulduar.    Anyone else dealing with these Toll problems?   Seems most other ferals I know got Toll while still doing Naxx.

Lets look at one of the pre-Ulduar Hard Modes BiS:

Proto-hide Leggings: ZERO Hit Rating

Currently Equipped:  Leggings of the Honored
The Honored leggings have a total of +66 hit rating.  That’s a sizable chunk of hit.  Now being hit capped as a feral is not a must, but it helps to make your dps consistent instead of sloppy at times.   I’m currently at 291 which is 1 over the feral hit cap.  So if I were to switch leggings I’d fall to 225 hit rating.  My goal is to always stay above 250 Hit.  Now I could eat hit food or use hit potions, but that would be hurting my own dps.  Or I could gem for hit.  I currently use two hit/agility gems in my gear to fulfill meta gem requirements and push me to hit cap.  I won’t go any farther than that though.  It would also take too many hit rating gems which would replace many of my agility and armor penetration gems(currently regemming full Arm Pen).  Instead I will wait for a Naxx run and Grim Toll to drop.
Anyone else have these issues?  Or maybe you have the trinket and found ways around needing it.

On a side note I’d like to wish Karthis over at Of Teeth and Claws a fond farewell from WoW and good luck with where ever the gaming world takes him.  A great feral druid mind will be missed.


~ by aleanathem on May 22, 2009.

8 Responses to “Upgrading without Grim Toll”

  1. Oddly enough I’ve gone through a similar experience. I managed to find a good naxx group that could clear naxx in one night. We were all filling missing slots. Unfortunately GrimToll didn’t hit my radar until we had been running a few weeks. The two times I saw it drop I lost the bidding. And now that group has moved on. I’ll find another group, but it is frustrating. I wanted to get grim toll so I could bypass Twisted Visage and go for Lotrafen for the armor pen. I’ll just have to be a bit more patient.

    I would like to point out something to you. I was under the impression the hitcap was 262/263. Not 291. Where did you get the 291 number from? Empirically it was proven that the hitcap was 8% not 9% as was thought.

    You may want to rethink being max hitcapped as mandatory and not using buff foods/elixirs. How is using buff foods to get hit capped vs being forced to gem/enchant/choose hit gear any different? Have you run the numbers through Rawr and Toskk to double check your assumption? One other reason not to be hitcapped by gear is that you will leave a third option open – Heroic Presence. The draenai racial buff to hit will net you 33hit. If you are at the hit cap, that is 33hit wasted on your gear. To maximize your flexibility I would recommend 1) figure out what the real hitcap is and stay under it by 30 to 40pts. This will give you the option of boosting your hit via Heroic presence, food/elixirs when not available and allow you more freedom in your gear/gem/enchanting choices.

    • I’ve always read that the hit cap at 80 was 290/1. Being a bit under it to me isn’t that big of a deal, but I am at 295 right now.

      My problem with Heroic Presence is I am normally not one to be picky or get placed in a group with a Draenei. Been put with the hunters and death nights later which in my guild are mostly humans or night elves. I will give some thought to using hit food, but flasking I’m going to stick with Flask of Endless Rage unless it’s like Kologarn.
      About the conversation on Karthis’ blog I’d say I use Runy’s and Kalon’s blogs as much as I use EJ and would recommend them over my own thoughts to other druids because they normally take the time to work it out completely. I more or less go with what I think works or what I want to try. I just offer my opinion on what I see from my own experience. =)

  2. I have 233 Hit currently and unfortunately I have to wear my Dawnwalker boots to achieve this.

    Last night on Hodir I managed 2nd in total damage and only had 5 true misses from melee swings out of 236 hits.

    You just have to live with compromises especially in a world with DKP and RNG reward system. For example I had to pass last night on the Gloves of the StoneReaper because I just can’t work them in and keep my 2T8 bonus which is too strong to give up. I happen to have T8.5 and T8 gloves so blowing DKP on them made no sense as I use the 8.5 for tanking and the 8 for DPS.

    So even though having Grim Toll would be nice you just need to do what you can getting hit elsewhere for now and try not to worry too much about min/max… good players that no what they are doing and when to do it counts for more than a little more hit or dps.

    • I actually was able to run a 25 man Naxx this past Sunday and Grim Toll dropped. Currently I am way over the hit cap and looking at ways to reduce my hit rating and increase my other stats.

  3. Now I thought the hit cap in general was reduced to 8%. I remember reading that on elitist jerks somewhere. With heroic presence it would drop to 7% which equals out to a 232 hit rating cap. Now that 8% I believe was speculation and not hard fact. Im sitting at 237 hit rating but last few raids I have forgotten to check recount numbers to see how much I was missing.

    • As I told another that was just I had heard and read. I’ll have to check exactly if it’s 290 or less. =)
      The problem with always including a Draenei in the equation is Tauren druids don’t have this option. I also normally do not always have the option of having a Draenei in my group. Plus I’d rather not have to worry about having a certain race in my group to be at or as close as possible to the hit cap.

  4. At present the hitcap for yellow attacks is 263. In most cases, especially if you’ve moved beyond heroic epics and naxx gear, sacrificing a bit of hit for other stats is acceptable. I’d encourage you to check out some of the theorycrafting tools such as RAWR or Tossk or even experiment with recount. I used to be a big proponent of reaching the hitcap, but since I’ve started experimenting on my own, my position has softened somewhat.

    • I’ve used RAWR in the past and definitely like it, but have my own opinions on some of the gear it suggests. And I’ll admit I was going by an old post on Big Bear Butt Blogger. I did a bit of searching last night on Elitist Jerks and saw the 263 hit cap. Working on fitting my gear to where I’d like it to be. I think with 263 being the cap that’s even easier to hit than 290.

      The hit cap choice is a personal opinion though. Some like being hit capped in their gear and others don’t. The posts in which I posted the hit cap will be amended very soon though. Thanks for the heads up. =)

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