New Forms: A Short Lived Celebration

So this week Blizzard annouced new druid forms.  The first glimpses the WoW community were given were of Tauren bears on May 26.   This was follow by the release of Night Elf bear form on May 27.  Originally there was much rejoicing at the sound of new forms as druids could be found congratulating Blizzard and the druid class as a whole.  For many this has continued and will continue no matter when the forms are released.  For others of us, including myself, the celebration stopped once we were informed of how these forms were to be implemented.   On Blizzard’s Under Development page it was stated that the color of our forms would be made by the colors of our hair and skin.  The only way to change the look of our forms would be to change our hair color and skin tone.  Here is where I find a problem.  After being allowed since the start of Wrath to walk into a Barbershop and change my caster form’s hair style, color, markings, horns, etc this new feature is limiting me.

Many solutions have been offered.  I have offered my own that falls in line with ideas of many others I have seen.  After offering these ideas most of us are called whiners, naysayers, etc.  Personally I don’t care what I am called.   Part of paying my monthly fee is the ability to offer criticism on the upcoming features.  That doesn’t mean Blizzard has to listen to what I say and I would believe after the thread in the druid forums it would be hard to see them listening at all.  But considering normal threads are locked around twenty-six pages I may be completely wrong.    Here is my proposal that I believe would satisfy most everyone.

A druid enters the Barbershop and pays the intial fee to obtain the new models.  The druid is automatically given the model that coresponds to his current hair color and skin tone.   Now the druid can walk away or pay an additional fee to change his color again to one of the other four models.  This would be allowed by a separate category added to the current ones and can only be seen by druids.   Currently only druids can see feral attack power and I believe Blizzard could use some system similar to allow only druids to see this option.   This is a very simple addition to the current system.

I would ask Blizzard if that is really that hard to setup.  After reading blue responses in a thread on the druid forums I understand their current policy is that the forms should be a reflection of our caster form.  I think a reflection is some thing different to everyone and this can especially be seen in many role players’ stories.  Another issue is the amount of time, effort, and resources devoted to this change.  To add additional changes would require more time and most likely we will see the current version in the next patch.  I believe this is perfectly fine if the future changes were to include more customizable features and a removal of our models being tied to our hair color and skin tone.

This is my opinion on the new forms.  If it upsets you or you have anything to say on the subject feel free to comment, but I will not allow this to become another bashing contest as it did on the druid forums.  And yes I did have my own issues in that thread and I do apologize to all those I offended.   Remember opinions rarely are thought of as bringing us all together under one thought line.  Most of the time they divide us.   Either way you look at it I am glad we have new forms and look foward to seeing what I will look like when this patch is brought to live servers.



~ by aleanathem on May 29, 2009.

7 Responses to “New Forms: A Short Lived Celebration”

  1. I agree that the coming changes (while welcome!) don’t do as much as I’d like to giving feral forms the diversity of appearance, or bragging rights, found in caster form.

    “This is a very simple addition to the current system.” I would caution you against ever thinking that about any game change. Given their reluctance to add new models to the talent-based forms, we know there must be some hidden complexities.

    • In my opinion it’s a simple change compared to some of the other things that have been asked by other druids. I wouldn’t care if we kept the same five models and were just able to choose between those five. But I definitely see your point. It would take a lot of time and resources to pull it off.

  2. any change must be a good one. (fingers crossed) Let’s hope Blizzard makes it useful and helpful to us Druids. It’s a lot less like new forms but like new things we can look like… I think imho. tbh are we really bothered what we look like? – i’m more interested in maxxing my dps 🙂 am In wrong? btw Kathis introduced me to your blog and I like it

    • I must hand it to Karthis. I went from a top of 92 views when he announced he was quitting WoW to over 350 today. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy reading the ramblings.
      I don’t know if I agree that any change is good, but all opinions are valid. I’m personally of the opinion we should at least like looking at our toon from some visual perspective. I agree though about dpsing being the top priority. My current issue is having a horrible Dell laptop and working with between 3 and 15 fps on most Ulduar fights. lol Look forward to hearing more from you. Good luck and Cheers!

  3. I’m just worried that I’m going to have to sacrifice something that’s been part of my toon for four years, so that I can get the forms that I like.
    *crosses fingers* please let the dark blue hair forms be good…

    • me too- My current hair colour in caster form is green, might look a bit silly as a green kitty.

  4. Please Alean, have my babies

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