Yogg-Saron: Sanity Lost

This past Sunday I got my first view of 25 man Yogg-Saron.  Overall the fight seems more like just another awareness check.  Are green clouds near you?  Move.  How much time is left before I need to take the portal out of Yogg’s brain?  Are you standing beside a Crusher tentacle?  And so on and so forth.  I will say it’s more difficult than anything previously in Ulduar.  Most of the other fights you can have a few people not know their roles or stand in void zones, etc and die.  This one if a few people stand in the clouds you have multiple adds popping up and your raid will wipe.

All that said here is a tip for any feral that will be doing Yogg any time soon.  Add Feral Swiftness to your dps spec.  Why waste enchanting mats for Tuskarr’s Vitality when we  have a speed increase in our talent tree?  I removed two points from Furor to pick up FS.  You may ask why we need to be worried about movement speed.  Well in phase two Yogg spawns multiple portals around him that transport you into a separate area that contains his brain.   You have sixty seconds to take a portal to this area, kill all the tentacles, attack his brain as much as possible, and take another portal back out.  If you are not out of Yogg’s brain within the allotted sixy seconds you will be mind controlled by Yogg for the rest of the fight.  Even if you are killed and battle resurrected you will find yourself back under Yogg’s control.  So it in phase two speed is imperative.

So how far are you in Ulduar?  Have you seen seen Yogg-Saron yet?  If so what do you think about the fight?  Cheers!


~ by aleanathem on June 2, 2009.

One Response to “Yogg-Saron: Sanity Lost”

  1. We’ve got the General down to 40%. We’ll get him this week, we just had adds respawn or we’d had him down last week.

    I’m looking forwards to YS.

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