New Cat Form: My Little Pony Edition

Okay, I am sure by now most of you have seen the new cat models.  If not click the link to see Night Elf cats.  The Tauren ones are here.  Overall I’d say these forms are an upgrade on the model of previous cat forms.  The models look better and have fixed major problems(eg. Tauren cat hanging jaw).  The problem I currently see is the color.  This more pertains to Night Elves than Tauren.  We have a mostly black cat form with a pink necklace.  Where do we get the pink other than the skin tone?  My question to Blizzard would be do these necklaces change colors or will the pink on the black model always be pink.  I would hope not.

I am a feral druid not a fluffy bunny for you to cuddle and play with.  I rip, mangle, claw, bite, etc things to death.  Purple would’ve been fine as a the color instead of pink.   Okay I’ll end my short rant and hope you can put up with these colors more than I can.  Cheers!


~ by aleanathem on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Cat Form: My Little Pony Edition”

  1. I like them overall, but it seems to me that Blizzard followed the same route they did with designing some of the paladin armor. Sure, paladins are “of the light”, but I think it was their T5 or T6 that looked like a pink or purple space cadet. LOL

  2. the yellow for the paladin now looks like a power ranger!
    i like these new cat skins for the NE compared to the tauren ones!

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