Who Needs R.A.F.!

So I know the new fad in leveling is opening a second account to get the Recruit A Friend leveling increase.  Nothing against it, but do you really need it?  I recently found out a few of my friends were playing on another server and decided I wanted to raid with them on off nights.  To pick up the R.A.F. leveling increases I would have to create a new account($20 for the basic WoW) and another $15 a month.  Sounds pretty cheap right?  Well add that if I decide not to cancel that account and keep it going into Outland/Northrend that’s an additional $70+/- for the two other expansions.  Add to that I’d have to buy a new computer and reinstall WoW.   There is an easier way.   The Midsummer Festival is currently taking place and just by “dancing” around a pole you can get a 10% experience increase on all your leveling alts for an hour.  Plus considering how many times Blizzard has nerfed leveling by increasing experience gained, needed to level and countless other ways is it really that hard to go from 1-70 in a matter a of a couple weeks?

I hear constant whining and complaining about how people hate to level new characters.  They try to say it’s so hard and takes so much time.  In a matter of around 2 real life(not /played) days I can get from 1-20 with AFKs and spending long periods of time chatting with friends.    All along I’m auto attacking half the mobs and reading WoW forums, EJ forums, etc and listening to music.  It’s really that hard?   Is it that boring?  Not at all!  I can see how far I can kite a mob with my new little druid.  That’s right I’m leveling yet another druid.  What spec you ask?  That’s really hard to guess.  Feral, of course!  Although if you plan on leveling a druid(non-druid players) learn how to cast entangling roots and wrath over and over until around level 30 when cat form becomes a bit more viable.   I believe all players that complain about leveling should take a long hard look at it and be reminded of what it used to be during the 1-60 grind of pre-BC.   Leveling in Wrath is quite effortless and well worth the time spent.  You not only add another character, but more professions, gold from dailies, and a much needed  break from your main at times.  Now back to leveling my new druid!



~ by aleanathem on June 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “Who Needs R.A.F.!”

  1. I despise leveling. After I ended up one of the first 80’s on Doomhammer, I think I really burned out: my cadre of 70s lay neglected on various realms. Levels 1-30, however, are incredibly easy to burn through in a night or two, but it slows down a bit after that.

    Fortunately, this is probably the best time to level ever. The Midsummer Festival has so many XP incentives it’s ridiculous (and indeed, I’ve rolled out my dusty alts to take advantage of it). Enjoy.

  2. I opened a second account for recruit-a-friend a few months ago, because I was given a second copy of the game by an uninformed relative and I never got around to returning it to the store. I paid $15 for one month, and was able to level a paladin/druid combo to 60 in under 2 days /played.

    It was incredibly awesome to go through the old content so quickly, but I would never have done it if I had to buy the game. $15 seemed like a fair trade off to get two toons to 60 quickly.

    Of course, now I have a level 60 druid sitting in a non-active account. I’ll get around to transferring him to my main account at some point, though.

  3. Another thing I like about leveling is that you can take different routes of leveling zones with each alt. Fun times!

  4. More power to you if you can level alts at the rate you do. I get SO bored when all I am looking forward to is grinding at 80… by grinding from 1-80. Which is why I guess they put in all these things to speed up the grind…

    • Don’t look at it as a grind. Good song that I use a lot is “Change Your Mind” by Sister Hazel. I guess if all you do is grind mobs it is a grind, but I try to mix in a x9 bg time, dungeon runs, holidays, etc. But to each their own. =)

  5. I’ve done the RAF system 3 times with various friends who were interested in leveling alts and it’s not as expensive as you may think. You can usually find the WoW Battle Chest (vanilla WoW + TBC) on sale somewhere for around $20. The purchase of that comes with your first month of game time paid for free. You can get from 1-60 in a matter of days (let alone 30 days) and then just pay to transfer that character to your main account at that point. You don’t need to buy a new computer or even buy TBC or WOTLK (Well, TBC if you want a Belf or Spacegoat).

    I dunno about you but I’d pay $55 for a level 60 in 4 or 5 days instead of spending a lot of free time getting there myself. The best part is that the triple XP stacks with the BoA shoulders and Fire Festival buff.

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