Maintenance Day

The every Tuesday experience has come today.  Servers shut down for long periods of time and many WoW players are left to fend for themselves in the real world!  I personally am slightly annoyed with the servers being down as my alt druid just hit level 58.  The server she is on will be down an extra few hours after the rest of the servers so this leads to rolling else where probably.  I have been thinking about these long, extended maintenance days.  What exactly does Blizzard do to keep these servers down so long?  I would personally love to hear what goes on.

Could it be they do one piece of work only to have it keep the servers down for hours?  Or is it long periods of time with constant work trying to correct issues on the servers we never see?  I don’t know, but if you have any ideas feel free to toss them out.  I am currently researching the server I am going to roll a few Horde alts on because my Shandris character screen is full.  Also you can only make one death knight per realm so that defeats my quick money making.  On any new server I roll on the second character I make is a death knight that takes up two of the gathering professions and goes Unholy for the mount speed increase.  It is such a simple, but amazingly helpful tool.  Most people complain there are enough death knights, but I personally won’t be using any(maybe one) of mine to do end game.   He will just wander around Northrend gathering all the mats I need for my character’s items.

Again, Happy Maintenance Day all.  Or as a friend of mine says Happy Real Life Tuesday!



~ by aleanathem on July 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Maintenance Day”

  1. yeah, blizzard needs to let us make more toons per server. maybe to 15 or something lol.

  2. i always think that maintenance is a blessing in disguise. kinda like bitter medicine. cos it forces us to take a break and hopefully prevent the 24/7 kind of mad playing that can actually take lives. but its really funny cos me and my friends always arrange outings on tuesdays so we don’t “waste” wow time. sad but true! happy real life tues..

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