Feral is Feral!

So I recently stopped raiding with my guild on Shandris.  Why?  Real life.  I also was not enjoying as much as I once did.  There are multiple factors there.  This does not mean I will completely stop raiding.  Remember the druid I was leveling?   Well she is level 80 and in a mix of T7 gear.  The guild I currently raid with is very casaul.  Bases their raiding roster for the night on performance rather than attendance.  I find this has its pluses and minuses.   The guild hasn’t cleared Ulduar on 25 nor is it working towards hard modes, but it allows me to raid and be flexible with work and real life.  Now this doesn’t mean I will stop blogging about ferals, but this does mean I may not be as experience asn another feral blogger.  Either way this blog is my experience and you may take it as you wish!

On to our topic!

When I joined my new guild I was told they were in need of tanks.  Isn’t that always the case?  So I started gearing up my little druid to tank.  She still has pretty good tanking gear, but has been dpsing more than tanking.  Partially due to me not always speaking up, but also due to normally having enough tanks in the raid/group.  This got me to thinking.  What gear should I roll on?  I have ALWAYS been a feral.  To me there are three trees for druids, Restoration, Feral, and Balance.  In Wrath Blizz decided to make ferals have to spec specifically to tank or dps well, but I still only see feral.  In TBC I raided as a feral with only one spec and in Wrath I have basically been the same way.  My tank suit on Al rarely saw the light of day after 3.1 and Ulduar hit with the feral buffs.  Now that I’ve been playing this new druid I’ve been able to get back into tanking and see it once again as the second part of the feral tree.   So all that said I’ve decided feral is still one tree.  No matter what anyone says a feral should be open to tanking and dpsing.  It adds to our raid flexiblity and shows we aren’t to be pigeon holed.   Differentiating between the two only leads to confusion in my mind.  Plus I hate under performing in my tanking while excelling in my dps.

So that has been my recent late night rambling.




~ by aleanathem on August 11, 2009.

One Response to “Feral is Feral!”

  1. I fully agree with your perspective.

    I really like my all-purpose PvE feral spec. It’s mostly a kitty spec, but has all the crucial bear talents. This way if our MT dies, I’m a truly viable offtank to jump in and save the day. Or, on fights where I’m only needed as a tank for one phase, my DPS doesn’t suck for the rest of the fight.

    For me, the joy of playing a hybrid class is flexibility, especially mid-combat save-the-day type flexibility.

    Besides, I like my PvP too, so I need me second spec for that!

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