Expansion 4.0

So Blizzcon was this week and Blizzard released news of another upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft, Cataclysm.  With it comes two new races, Goblins and Worgen, multiple new race/class combinations, an Azeroth turned upside down by the return of Deathwing, and many other changes.  On the outside this looks good.  More races to play and areas to see.  And a lot of new content to see.  The problems I am currently seeing are ones that have been ongoing problems throughout WoW’s history.

1. Lore is being rewritten/added to so that it fits WoW.

So again Blizzard is adding onto the lore of Warcraft even though the actual lore writers haven’t even written as much.  Night Elf mages, Tauren paladins, and Troll druids are just three of the new class/race combinations, but they each have their own problems.  Night Elves abhor and in Warcraft 3 killed anyone who practiced Arcane magic.   So for this race to allow fellow Night Elves to become mages there will have to be a greater change than just the return of Deathwing.  A reminder: These Night Elves saw Highborne using Arcane magic to bring forth Sargeras and the Burning Legion.   Tauren paladins on the outside looks like a logical race/class combination, but where do we find Taurens following the Light outside of those in the Argent Crusade?  Then there are Troll druids which I see as never being able to happen.  Trolls have a history of sacrificing their own gods for their own use (visit Zul’Drak).   Also Zul’aman is not a good example to bring up.  In Zul’aman the troll priests just used the gods to take on their forms.  This is not shapeshifting or any type of druidism.

2.  The complexity of the game is slowly being removed.

We want to remove all unnecessary stats, make all existing stats understandable, and make all “core” stats more appealing.

This statement says enough for me.  Basically people don’t want to have to think much any more.   Lets take a look at one statistic they plan on removing:

Armor Penetration: This ability is too confusing and “mathy”.

Too mathy?  Really?  It’s hard to take a couple minutes to use RAWR or another similar program to see what gear might be better for you?  Hell we have Elitist Jerks and countless other sites that do the math for us!  This is just another example of how sadly dumb a large amount of the WoW population has become.   It’s the emergence of the “Microwave Generation” in WoW.

3.  “The Horde finally conquered Southshore.”

That statement more or less made me laugh a lot.  If you look at the upcoming storyline it’s more like Deathwing covered it in water so the Horde declares victory.  Not really a problem, but moving right along.

4.  Blizzard will do whatever it can for money.

Yes, Blizzard is a business and the majority of the goal of a business is to make money to continue growing.  But a business is also supposed to produce a well-done product.  So far it’s looking like Cataclysm may end up as a half hearted project just to make more money.  I am hoping that this project is more likely to be released in 2-3 years not 1-2 years.  Blizzard needs to finish out Wrath and work all the bugs out.  TBC and Vanilla content still have unfixed bugs!

As I stated previously I believe this was all for hype and to produce some talk about Blizz with Aion upcoming.  Blizzard doesn’t like being on the back burner to a new and upcoming game.




~ by aleanathem on August 23, 2009.

18 Responses to “Expansion 4.0”

  1. You are so so right on point #1. Most things they rewrite/add don’t bother me too much, but the class/race combinations that are rumored don’t make a bit of sense for the reasons you specified. It’s just dumb and takes away from the “order” of things, which is the only way I can think of to say it. I don’t get why they would change that other than the fact that some people wouldn’t even think of those reasons and just think it would be “cool” to have. To me, the class/race combos are part of the game’s identity and the individual toon’s “identity”, and it will be really interesting (to say the least) to see how they rewrite things to make it fit. *sigh*

  2. You are wrong at #1 – there explanation of arpen don’t have anything to do with reasons of it removing. ArPen is just too non-linear – so this converts into if item have ArP it rock if it doesn’t have it istsucks – bad design. All this changes they add more choices to itemization. For example caster will have 3 non-capped dps stats – mastery, haste & crit so they could create enough good caster gear.

    • You must also remember this is not even done yet. They talk big early with expansions and forget to add all the features they speak about. The removal of ArPen is to satisfy people who don’t like theorycrafting. I believe much of the game’s theorycrafting will end when Cat hits.

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  4. “Too mathy? Really? It’s hard to take a couple minutes to use RAWR or another similar program to see what gear might be better for you?”

    Well, umm, if it wasn’t too mathy, why would you need EXTERNAL PROGRAMS to give you answers? In fact, why would you need external programs at all to help you determine and weigh gear changes? That seems to be what Blizzard is tackling here.

    While spreadsheets and Pawn and Rawr are awesome tools, they shouldn’t be a requirement for players to make good decisions on their gear. It’s a game, we -should- be able to know if something is good or bad for us just by what we see, not hidden mathematical formulae.

    • I think they should. I think you should actually have to use your brain to have fun. The average player wants this math handed to them. This game is not that complicated and a tiny bit of research can go a long way. The “It’s just a game” mentality is what is slowly ruining this game. Everyone has epics. You don’t have to think really to be decent as this game. If you want to be more than decent you should have to think and do a little research. It’s not that hard. Anyone that tells me that is hard I feel is lazy. I mean look people have already taken the time to write out programs and do the math for you! All you have to do is plug in your items and there you have it! I’m sorry if I offend you, but you sound like you just want it handed to you in a mailbox. And yes all the stats are right in the character screen people just don’t want to take the time to look at them.

      • I’m not offended, nor do I fall into the category of people who need help figuring out the stats.

        I do understand, however, that it isn’t everybody’s idea of “fun” to have to slug through mathematical formulas to understand if piece A or piece B is better for them. WoW IS a stand-alone game, and outside help is that and nothing more: help. It never was Blizzar’s goal to push people towards outside programs to succeed… their recent addition of essential info to the game – threat meters, equipment manager – shows that they are trying to get away from “essential addons”.

        Maybe you personally feel that your gameplay is enhanced because you have to alt-tab and plug every item into a spreadsheet or similar program so that it tells you in detail what it will mean to your toon, but many people don’t and Blizzard seems to be going with that crowd right now.

      • Too many people want it plain and simple. That sounds nice in theory, but after a period of time it will become boring and people will move along. My question to Blizzard is why make it “easier” if in the end it is going to destroy your game? That’s a loss in profit. It will start out looking great, but end up as a failed attempt. Guess they will just ride it out and move along.

        On the stats issue there hasn’t been any real working through statistics in Wrath unless you wanted to do your own theorycrafting. Many people have done it for every class and posted it in there blogs/forums. While I do agree Blizz isn’t a big fan of these “addons” I think most of these addons work better than anything Blizz has tried to create. I do not use the in-game equipment manager, but instead use ItemRack. For leveling I use QuestHelper. The in-game threat meter is worthless so Omen is the only way to go. I think it’s great people have created these addons. They help enhance the gaming experience and bring a sense of ownership to the creators of the addons. This sense of ownership keeps these people satisfied and returning to WoW for more. I think if the people that don’t feel like min/maxing their stats then that should be their choice and their loss. All games should make you think. Otherwise you might as well be watching the computer play your character for you instead.

  5. The in-game threat meter is more than sufficient. I play a destro lock who pulls 4-7k dps on any given fight. I have omen installed for specific moments, but the in-game one is good. The built-in equipment manager is great as of 3.2 with save/click through capabilities.

    It seems you’re qq’ing about this now. “blizzard is removing stats??? it will destroy the game.”

  6. Some of these classes can be explained. This is a desperate time in Azeroth, made more so by a giant freakin’ dragon coming out of the ground for God’s sake! Yeah, the Night Elves realised they need help, so here come the mages. The Tauren revere balance and just serving the Moon in Druidism isn’t balance, so they serve the Sun now. Not the light, the sun. As for the troll druid, I completely agree, it’s really stupid.

    As for your complaints about the simple-ization of the game:
    I shouldn’t have to sit in one place for minutes at a time just to figure out which pare of pants (or chest, piece, rings, etc.) I should wear! What does doing math add to the game? NOTHING! It isn’t any more fun because of these extra stats. It is actually LESS fun. So, remove it from the game! If, let’s say, in WoW, there was a math mini game that you absolutely had to do to kill any raid boss, that’s bad. Basically, that’s what these stats are.

    • Desperation? You do realize these are the same elves who have seen probably worse circumstances. I doubt the Night Elves would hit the panic button. They’ve had to face down the Burning Legion. The Tauren one I accept, but still find far out of place.

      I already don’t have to spend a lot of time looking over gear. I know what I want before I go in or I know the stats I need. Math doesn’t add anything to the game? It’s what the game is based around. I’m sorry, but you sound like you wish it was just 3 stats, heatlh(stamina) mana(spirit/intel), and AP/SP. That’s simple yes, but I like actually using my brain. Not smashing my head on the keyboard. It’s more fun because of the extra stats. It’s much MORE fun. Take the stats away is idiotic. It basically is saying you are stupid and cannot think past a first grade level. Keep it in game. I’m not some first grader here. People need to learn to use their brains instead of having to have everyone do it for the. Then we wonder why the upcoming generation is so stupid! Would you say you are one of those that wants it handed to you in a box every Tuesday? That’s what you are telling me right now. If so I feel terribly bad for you. Imho go play super mario bros other something simple like that if you don’t want to think. Keep the game the way it is. FUN! Not dumbed down stupidity.

      • A few things:
        1. There’s no need to insult me! I’m not an idiot, I jst prefer not to do a ton of meth when I play a GAME! Quit being an ahole
        2. I never said I wished there were just three stats, I just don’t want there to be as many as there are now, with haste, armor pen, etc. Learn how to respind to my arguments for this instead of completely ignoring half of what I am saying.
        3. I don’t want them to take away alll stats and make it a faceroll, I want them to make it so that I don’t have to do complex math with percantages and spend a ton of time researching just to get into raids.
        4. Learn how argue jackass, quit twisting my words and responding to things I didn’t say. I don’t want the game to be dumbed down to the point of pressing one button and winning or anything near that.

      • 1. You read MY blog. I do not force you to read it. Move along if you don’t like being debated. A game should take a brain! If you want to do something that doesn’t require the use of your brain go watch tv. It’s destroying brains 24/7.
        2. Yes, you did. You want the game to be easy. You’d be happy with 3 stats. If you want it to be easy you’d be happy with 3 stats or 3 buttons to mash The game right now is easy. That is the problem. If you don’t want to min/max that is YOUR choice. That’s the way it should be. They’ve already screwed up by giving gear to all and making most boss encounters jokes without pulling out a hard mode.
        3. They are taking away the stats and making it a faceroll. Wrath is already a faceroll. So why make it worse?
        4. Don’t come here expecting me to care about every detail of your opinion, kid. If you don’t want it to be dumbed down then why the fuck are you supporting it being dumbed down? Hypocrite much?

        No, I’m not here to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. If I piss you off quit reading. It’s MY blog. Not yours.

      • 1. I do like ti debate, in fact, I’m in a debate league. You need to learn how to debate. In your first response, you comitted a STRAW-MAN fallacy. Look it up.
        2. You can’t say what I think. I wouldn’t be happy with 3 stats, I never said that, I never will.
        3. Making it easy isn’t the goal, making it understandable is.
        4. All I did was state my opinion, I didn’t expect you to care, I just wanted to share. You obviously do care if you keep responding to it. I want it easier for players to understand. This is why some people can’t get geared up for raidng, cuz they don’t understand the system and no one is helping them, now Blizz is. I want the game to be easier to understand, not to the point of pressing one button and winning.

        If you’re going to argue, at least make sure you read what I said. There are ways of doing things beside two extremes and I prefer in the middle, not either of the extremes, one-button being one extreme and mandatory math being the other.

      • 1. Do I really care what fallacy I committed? No. You came here and gave your opinion. I gave mine back and then some. And you’ve created your own issues by continuing to reply. So if you wish to continue go right ahead.
        2. If you aren’t happy with 3 stats then why the hell are you happy with the change? Oh it’s too hard?? Give me a break. Like I said go watch tv if the game is too hard currently.
        3. Making it easy is the goal. It is understandable currently. There are enough blogs, forums, etc simplifying every single aspect of the game.
        4. People can get geared. What system is there to understand? You get a token. You take it to a vendor. You pick the Tier gear by spec. There are whole loot lists for those that don’t wish to sit and do the math on it. Gearing is a joke. I want this game to stay like it is. Easy. Not a dumbed down joke which is what is may become. Or Blizz may screw up it’s “Mastery” and make it harder than it is currently.

        Math isn’t mandatory. If you want to min/max it is, but for the average player they do not have to touch the math. It’s simple. You want to min/max and be the best? Do the math. You want to be good, but don’t care to know it all in detail just play the game and go by what others have written. And if you want a one button mashing game…..yeah.

        I don’t get much of a choice in the end. Neither do you or anyone else. We pay $15 a month, but that doesn’t mean we get much say in the matter. Blizzard is going to bring out this new talent deal in Cataclysm and some of us will see how long we put up with it. Although they are known for going back on their word.

  7. I’m tired of this. You say I don’t like being debated, but you aren’t really debating me, just throwing our opinions at me. I don’t agree with pretty much anything you’ve said. I’m happy Blizz is doing this. I’m gone, no need to respond to me, in my mind I’m right, but if you want to protest this, all power to you. The only thing I really want to say is that if you want to argue, learn how to argue.

    • And what are you doing, but throwing opinions at me??? I don’t agree with anything you’ve said! It was pointless of you to reply overall. Go ahead and think you’re right. Thinking and being right are two different things. Learn to think before replying to a blog. That would be a good start for you.

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