After the Rants and Raves

So my last article has a bit of a tension in it, but I’m going to stick with what I believe and know.  So the more people try to bash just remember I don’t care.  If you want it handed to you in a mailbox then find another game.  Don’t ruin WoW.  I mean come on!  Chess, checkers, card games, etc.  They all take a little brain power.  Don’t dumb down this game past that!

On to the now.  I’m grinding the Insane title currently in game.  As some know I’ve quit my raiding guild.  I had disagreements with them and decided to transfer to play with some old friends.  The guild is where my old guild was in 10 mans, but far behind in 25.  Mostly due to the fact it’s very very laid back.  Two hour raids.  Sunday through Thursday with no attendance policy.   It’s nice for my current situaton.  I cannot currently hold down a full-time raid spot and be expected to be there every time.  Hopefully this will change in the near future.  So because I can’t fulfill my hardcore raiding desires I have turned to the achievement system.  The Insane title is just that insane!  I’m currently grinding Ravenholdt rep.  I just hit friendly today.  Looking at my other reputations I’m thinking November is my goal.  So if any of you are grinding it as well keep me updated and I wish you luck!

Back to my raiding woes.  I have had this guild idea for nearly a year now.  I plan on creating a casual(in time) progression minded(hardcore) raiding guild this coming year.  It would be based more on its members performance than their attendance.  Currently the schedule would be Sunday through Thursday with a minimum of two raiding days to a maximum of four.  That means we wouldn’t be raiding every day.  This also means the schedule would change weekly at times.  The raids would last at least an hour or two and go up to four hours on progression bosses(eg. Illidan, Yogg-Saron like).  That doesn’t mean we would spend hours wiping.  If it’s a bad night and we have been wiping for two hours straight the raid will be called unless solid progression is being made on every attempt.  Progression isn’t always the downing of a boss!  It can be getting to a phase, a certain health percentage, everyone staying alive for a certain amount of time, etc.   I have much more thought of and written out so feel free to send me an email or contact me on Azuremyst server.  Remember this isn’t anything happen any time soon so if you’re looking for something now feel free to keep searching.  I just thought I’d share this idea with my readers and see if any interest was sparked. (To my current guild: No, plans of leaving any time soon. =)  )

Cheers Al!


~ by aleanathem on August 30, 2009.

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