An Afternoon Thought After Pointlessness

So after that little argument with Snow I’m reminded of why I’ve slowly learned to keep my mouth shut when I disagree with the blog I am reading.

1.  It never helps you or the person you are writting to.

Simply put most of the time it will just lead to a pointless argument because neither side will agree.  Good example is the commenting firing back-and-forth between Snow and I.  We both know we vehmently disagree with each other.  Maybe in the end I shouldn’t have replied to begin with, but maybe Snow shouldn’t have said anything to begin with.  Readers may blame who they wish, but placing the blame is mostly pointless.

2. You will lose readers for your post and replies.

So I probably lost a reader after that little spat.  In the end I won’t keep every person who my visit my site.  Maybe you completely disagree with me and think I’m an ignorant fool. 😉  Or you’ve enjoyed the feral posts, but all these other ones are just driving you away(I hope to get back to more feral speak soon).    Or you’re just a happy content reader who will come back.  No matter these commenting wars don’t do anyone any good.

3.  Respect will be lost.

That statement says enough.

This is a formal apology to any readers who think it is immature and has no place in a blog.  You can read the argument in my Expansion 4.0 post.  I will not be deleting it as it is a good reminder of what jumping to conclusions will do.   I bid you all a good day!

Cheers Al.


~ by aleanathem on August 30, 2009.

7 Responses to “An Afternoon Thought After Pointlessness”

  1. I’m sorry. I think we both acted like jerks. I still disagree with you, but in some ways, I guess I can see where you’re coming from.

    • My apologies! I did jump a bit too far there. I think we all have our opinion on this issue and it is a passionate one. Why? It’s a game we all enjoy. So I guess agreeing to disagree is the best way to look at it. Again my apologies!

  2. Disagreeing really has nothing to do with whether I will read your blog or not :/ If I wanted to read my own thoughts I’d stick to reading my own posts!

    • True, I do read a lot of blogs I disagree with, but I do not post on many of them. Jacemora is one of the few bloggers I have disagreed with quite a few times, but will post on. Always coming to the agreement to just disagree with him. It has been difficult as of late to really get a good topic to blog about though. Cataclysm is so “up in the air” with more speculation than facts. “well Blizz said this at blizzcon” etc. The problem with that is they have told us things would be apart of an expansion before and then not included them. I’m trying(not doing my best at it) to take a wait and see approach to this expansion. I’d really like to get a beta key and see it first hand, but if I don’t I will be fine. Thanks for the point of view! =)

  3. I learn the most from my readers from the comments they leave when they disagree with me, and the ensuing debates….

    • Totally agree, but sometimes I believe there are just things we feel strongly about and will not budge on. Then it is best to agree to disagree.

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