Almost 20 days…

So it has been a while.  I’m not the most active blogger out there obviously, but I’m still playing!   Keep hearing more and more about the upcoming ArPen changes and noticing how little it will affect cats.  Much love to Runy over at Unbearably Hot for taking the time to sit down and go over the math of the change.  That post also made me understand how slack I’ve become as of late in the theorycrafting department.   I spent most of TBC reading Elitist Jerks and whatever I could get my hands on about new ideas for gemming, enchanting, specing, etc.   Wrath started out strong, but ever since I stopped the more hardcore raiding I have quit really following the changes as thoroughly.  In some ways that leads to a lack of interest.  Heroic ToC isn’t all that amazing.  My current guild’s lack of raid organization doesn’t make it much easier.  It’s hard to want to be better when many around you could careless to be anything more than they are (Not directed at all of you!!).  On top of that all I can think of is the guild I hope to form in the near future and a new computer.    So as you can see wtih the lack of posts I’m rereading and relearning much of what I thought I knew about ferals.    Hope to come out with a new post on it soon,  but first I will be having a little hybrid/pure spill.     Hope to have that up by Saturday evening.

So to those ferals not so lacking in the theorycrafting ideas.  What are you going to gem/gear for in 3.2.2?  ArPen? Agility?  No, I’m a bear?!?!  RAWR!




~ by aleanathem on September 17, 2009.

One Response to “Almost 20 days…”

  1. i’m collecting ArPen gear for my cat and geming it with +20ArPen gems. sitting on 550ArPen. still need a few more items and that ArPen trinket from normal 5 man ToC. i’m having so much fun in BGs and arena it’s sick 😀 i don’t cat dps in raids as my rotation sucks with my latency (700ms-900ms). for bear i’ll still gem my gear with Agility over ArPen. but until then i’m a resto. 3.2.2 is nerfing our 4 piece T8 bonus by 50%. no more 6k-7k hps 😦

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