This isn’t it!

Yes, I said long ago I had a much anticipated blog post.  Well this isn’t it!  /cackle

Twitter and paladins have kept my eye lately.  I even rolled with the awesome, all druid guild, The Zoo, on Cho’gall!  Can’t say I’ve been on there much.  Sorry guys!  The druid there is in her mid-30s and chilling in an inn for rested XP!   I’ve found out I enjoy other classes almost as much as druids.  Take for instance I’ve rolled 3 paladins in a two week period.  Now none of them are above 20(lol), but still that’s a lot.  I have become intimate friends with Luzran and Knucklerot in the Ghostlands.    Can’t seem to stay away from their patting areas.   Yes, both my main paladins are retribution, but only for leveling.  Much like my druids I enjoy tanking on my paladins.   So I’ll be mostly messing around leveling alts.

Raiding.  That term seems foreign to me right now.  My job keeps me from even making consistent attendance once or twice a week.  I haven’t made any raid in near a month outside of one ToC and a 10 man Onyxia.  Raiding is why I play my druid.  So due to the lack of raiding my blogging is obviously lacking.  I haven’t had much reason to keep on top of the feral changes due to sporadic play.  I hope this changes soon, but until the most of my posts will be about playing alts and the casual side of WoW.  A side I truly haven’t played much since I started.   Good luck to all you ferals and I wish you the best with H ToC!




~ by aleanathem on October 19, 2009.

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