A Short: Transparency and Guild Leadership

Guild leadership is a touchy subject as of recent history. It has rubbed me the wrong way. It has made me think outside the box with my upcoming guild. It has hindered friendships and even broken off some. But in the end it has grown me.

The one thing guild leadership has taught me is that transparency is key. As a guild leader if you aren’t transparent in front of your guild you will open yourself up to speculation. You will open the door for drama. This does not mean go and tell everyone every thing that is said in your guild’s officer chat. This is to say in all your decisions as a guild leader you must be transparent and be clear as to why they are taking place. This leads to you guild having confidence in you and your guidance.

I wish to see that my guild always sees me as a transparent leader. Am I perfect? By no means! No leader is perfect. Our imperfections show us as human beings and that earns more respect than many decisions we make.  But we must realize out imperfections and failings and be able to admit the times when we do falter.

Guild leadership.  It’s more than simply getting nine signatures and paying for a tabard.  Are you ready for it?  Do you wish to ever try it?  If so feel free to share your thoughts and ideas!



~ by aleanathem on November 7, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Short: Transparency and Guild Leadership”

  1. Transparency is very important. Shmoo and I used to be officers in a largish guild and when we came on board, we started making things more transparent, because it was one of the things that was important to us from past experience.

    You can’t feel like your GL and officers are keeping secrets all the time and feel confident that they are making the best decisions for the group when you don’t even know what the decisions are.

    After we decided to retire as officers and move elsewhere, we ended up leaving a few guilds for lack of transparency and officer shenanigans.

    So good luck to and I think you are taking the right angle.

  2. A few months ago my guild reached a point where we had more dps than available slots in our regular raids and people were rightly curious to know how the officers decided to choose which people we were taking on any given night.

    We decided to work out the raiding roster for the week on ventrilo as officers and allow anyone who wanted to come sit in the channel and listen to us talk it over. Most people are satisfied just knowing the option is available, while we have one person who sits in every week.

  3. I am a guild leader in a small guild, and I rotate this with my guild assistant. Our guild is very open about what we are doing, and try to keep the rest of the guild in the loop. We continue to grow, which makes it more important for us to communicate well and be open with everyone. We have over 30 accounts now, so our ten mans are always full, with extra dps wanting in, and by telling them how we choose slots they seem satisfied. We do some 25 man content and try to encourage our guild to help us in making choices of what they would like to do and where they would like to go as a group.

    This may be much easier as a small guild, than a large one, but still… it makes everything easier to be open and make your guild feel like you are one huge group, and we as guild leaders are just someone to help direct the group.

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