Five years later…College is over wtf?

Original WoW Login Screen
It’s a bit mind boggling to think that World of Warcraft is five years old. Seriously that’s five years in many of our short life span. It reminds me of my first year with WoW and the disappointments that came with it.

I was just a poor college junior who had just screwed himself out of a semester when WoW was released. Another waiter at the restaurant I worked at the time mentioned he played PC games(I was a big console gamer at the time.). He was all pumped about some new game that had just come out. He handed me a copy of the WoW game guide (I still have a copy of it some where in a box.).  Looking back at that point in time who would’ve thought I’d roll a druid.  After all the first class I read and was interested in was the Druid class.  I bought the game soon there after.

Thank you Blizzard for creating one of the greatest games of all time.  I may not always agree with the changes and directions you take, but I have always enjoyed this game.

Cheers Blizzard!!


~ by aleanathem on November 23, 2009.

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