Late Night Ramblings

Will I ever leave my TBC point of view on ferals behind?  No.  Every time a guild asks me “tank or dps” I say “Feral”.  I cannot truly pick between the two.  I’ve tossed the coin on my current server and told the guild I am in I will play the role of bear tank.   I can count on one hand how many times I’ve tanked in that guild’s raids.  On the other hand I cannot count how many times I’ve dps’ed for them.   Every time I think I’m content with one I begin to long for the other.

One of the co-GMs of my current guild and I were chatting the other day and we got on the topic of raiding and loot.  He wasn’t really around when I first raided with his guild.  He was taking a small WoW vacation.  So I had to explain to him “I’m feral”.  I don’t go boomkin.  I most certainly won’t heal unless it’s myself out of cat form.  Why??   I simply don’t enjoy either.  I already bring utility to the raid by fulfilling two roles, tank and dps.  For me to add caster dps or healing to my set would be too much.  Too much gear.  Too much gold for respecs.  Too many more hours on top of my feral theorycrafting research.  He left me in utter silence.  I don’t think many people enjoy hearing a druid saying he won’t heal or do caster dps.  It sounds selfish.  In a way it is, but who really wants to raid with an unhappy player?

So I am back at square one.  Cat or Bear?  DPS or Tank?  I must beg the question of Blizzard as to why they destroyed the nice unison of TBC.  True, cats didn’t do half the dps they did now, but we brought raid utility.  We could off heal(I didn’t like it but did it on Archie).  We could go bear and tank for a minute to save the raid (Oh hai Kael!).  We were able to go cat and at times touch the top dps (Only in T5 I know).  If Blizzard simply would have just fixed the gear issues and maybe boosted cat dps just a bit we’d of been perfect in my book.   So I’ll keep living in my fantasy TBC world, but I know the reality is I must pick one.  Anyone have any suggestions?



~ by aleanathem on December 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Late Night Ramblings”

  1. Dual spec and go pure Tank / DPS
    Easy! Prioritize one that you will be gearing with frost and triumph out the other spec. Thats what ive done!

    • I already dual spec pure tank and pure dps. lol I’m saying picking one to prioritize over the other is the issue for me. I tanked most of TBC and dps much of Wrath. I love both and miss the ability to have one spec that did both equally. It’s selfish, but to me TBC raiding was one of the nicest times for ferals. One spec did it all. Now if you try it in one spec you’re going to have to be willing to give up some thing from one or the other. I’m just lamenting the choice I must make when it comes to joining a raiding guild.

  2. Can’t really help here, I’ve also been Feral in all of TBC (my first respec was when we desperately needed a healer for Archimonde, so I brought my alt druid) and now I’ve been Resto/Balance since 78.

    I do agree it was better in TBC, but then again it would be a bit unfair if you could use all 3 roles of dps/tank/healer with dualspec, whereas all the others can only get 2. Or 1, if it’s a pure dps class.

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