Busy, but still here.

Inside of my new gaming rig!
So some may think I quit blogging, but in actuality I have had probably the worst writer’s block for the past month or so. It’s hard to consistently come up with topics for a blog. So I decided to take December off. During that time frame bought and built a brand new computer with two 22″ LCDs! Going from a Dell laptop with 2Gs of RAM to a custom desktop with a i7 920 2.66GHz processor, 12G of RAM and Radeon HD 5870 1G 156 bit video card has improved my enjoyment of WoW by leaps and bounds. I was formerly raiding Ulduar/ToC at 1-3 fps with extremely low graphics. I now sit anywhere from 20-50 fps with max graphics settings and amazing resolution. Along with this computer upgrade I’ve decided to completely overhaul my UI. I purchased quite a few mice, keyboards, and game pads to test.
22s and current setup

These include:

  • – G13 Gaming Pad- currently using
    – G19 Gaming Keyboard- currently using
  • Razer

  • -Lycosa Gaming Keyboard
    – Naga Mouse
    – Mamba Mouse
    – Deathadder Mouse – currently using.
    – Carcharias Headset- which I am loving!!
  • Belkin

  • – N52te
  • I look forward for an opportunity to test all of these devices and review each one of them via my blog. I will also be reviewing different addons I have decided to use.

    Is my blog losing its feral flavor? Of course not! I will continue to post about the ways of feral as I reenter the world of raiding and learn about the changes that have taken in my time away.



    ~ by aleanathem on January 11, 2010.

    2 Responses to “Busy, but still here.”

    1. Very nice! I updated my rig about a year ago. I play with all the settings up and it runs like a dream! It’s really amazing!

      My husband has a DeathAdder mouse (the one with 12 buttons on the side, right?). Hope you like it as much as he does! The little indicator tabs kept falling off so he had to superglue them. Oh well, minor inconvenience.

      I have that same headset too! My husband bought it for me for Christmas. I agree; great headset! Razer makes some high quality gear!

    2. Nice rig,
      Look forward to seeing more posts in the future 8)

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