Real Life, Raiding, and the Frustration

So I told you a couple posts back I got a new computer.  I still love it and have upwards of 50 fps in raids.  The problem is my job.  I’m currently a part-time sales associate for a large office supply chain.  This means my schedule is utterly and completely random.  The only day I currently have off consistently is Sunday.  This does not work well with any raid schedule.  Plus having the hardcore desire to push past simple into hard modes is impossible in my current situation.  I’ve made a total of two raids since I “returned” to my guild’s raiding group.  One was the first night of guild Festergut attempts.  The other was doing ToC.  Outside of a drop off Anub and new shoulders my gear sits woefully at Ulduar levels with a few exceptions.  This is mostly mainly due to my laziness and lack of time.  So here I sit frustrated with my addons(if you follow me on Twitter then you know this issue well) and having smaller amounts of time.

I’d love to up and quit my job, but then I couldn’t pay for WoW or this amazing computer.  So I have renewed my job hunt only to find my lack of experience and worthless Bachelors degree a major hindrance.  Now I know I’m not the only person struggling with these issues.  So love to see how others are dealing with taking “second rate” jobs and finding the time to raid.



~ by aleanathem on January 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “Real Life, Raiding, and the Frustration”

  1. I’m in graduate school. I get an income from them & I can work around a raid schedule.

  2. Just keep doing the daily dungeon once a day. a quick half an hr and your gear will soon improve via triumphs and more importantly frosts!


  3. That’s so frustrating I’ll bet 😦

    I raid with a couple guys who do shift work, and they struggle to make 2 nights a week during a 4 night raiding week. It’s quite difficult I’d imagine.

    I think your best bet is to either embracing a pug mentality – try and find a server with a very active raiding community and make friends. Or try and PuG on that one day you have off.

    Alternatively you could looking into finding a “raiding community” that is a massive guild alliance type thing where you can stay in your guild but join cross-guild raids. Not entirely sure how they work or how to find them, though, sry.

    • I’m just watching my time. I figure I’ll take it slow for Wrath and hopefully find a non-retail job soon. I mean a four year college degree has to pay off sooner or later. lol =)

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