Watching the Past Crumble

So I logged onto an old alt in my first raiding guild and /who’ed their new guild. An old friend of mine was on his alt and another was on his main. I began to chat with them and asked how things were now. They informed me most of the officers had quit and others had either faction changed or transferred. Well it seems my premonitions were correct.

I left that guild in middle of hard modes on XT-Deconstructor. Now it wasn’t that the players were bad. It was the attitude that had began to permeate throughout the guild. When I originally joined the guild in TBC it was the premier Alliance guild and to many the premier guild on the server. The Horde top guild was top server wise, but left hitting the Twins in Sunwell. We were left on Kalecgos and Brutallus. The guild was well respected on and off server. They recruited fine off server and had constant transfers applying. When I left most application was from within the server or from players who had left the server at one point only to return.  The respect was gone.  The guild could not recruit off server so it decided to merge with an up and coming guild.  Soon thereafter it continued what seemed to be normal progression with an overly large roster.

Now we come to where I enter and find it has been abandoned. The oldest raiding guild on my former server is gone.  It exists as a shelled out home for leftover alts.  Namely a few I will never level.  It’s a reminder of what people can create and tear down so easily.  I do not hate any of the officers or those who came and went.  In fact I would consider some of the members and previous members to be some of the greatest players I’ve ever met.   I do hate how issues were handled and what became of a guild that held so much promise for so long.  Recruitment standards were lowered in favor of friends.  Drama was allowed to enter and tear a guild full of friendships apart.  This guild had overcome trolls, half of its officer core leaving, a GM quitting the game, and numerous other issues throughout TBC.  To see it fall apart due to poor recruitment and leadership befuddles and saddens me.

We all can agree we wish some things would last forever.  I would have to say this was one of those things for me.  Not to get so wrapped up in a fantasy world full of dungeons and magical races, but to meet an amazing group of people who could work together, as friends, to overcome any obstacle put before them.

Yes, it’s around half a year late for this post.  I left that guild over the summer and it merged I believe in August.  But hearing tonight what has happened still saddens. Do I care about the merged guild?  No.  It’s the shell that I find still with a tag over my death knight’s head that leaves me sorrowful.  Will that server ever have an Alliance guild of the quality that one once possessed?  I doubt it.  It’s a dead server overall.  People transfer out there.  I’m one of many that found the “greener grass” and still in some ways long for the desolate pastures of old.



~ by aleanathem on February 12, 2010.

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