Today’s Low Level Rant

So I’ve been playing one my little hunter alts a lot in hopes of having Al go JC/Enchant. I know! I know! I say I am going to a lot in game. It’s a work in progress.

So lately I’ve been doing random LFDs and BGing. In LFD I normally top anyone outside of a pally tank with BoAs and consecrate. What can I say, but hunter is literally rolling face for the first like 40 levels. In BGs, I top in damage, kills, killing blows and on rare occasions, healing! Yes, the bad healers come out or we get mostly hunters! All this is with solely wearing the BoA PvE shoulders. It’s loads of fun. The issue here is that some people think they are the best and if you disagree you’re a basement dwelling, scruffy nerf herder.

I recently did a LFD in which I was lucky enough to meet a shaman healer and druid tank that we stuck it through for a night. That night included a Blackfathoms Deep run. In this run was a warlock with BoA shoulders whom needed on every piece of gear. From “of the Boar” greens to the two handed axe off a boss. When confronted he tried to act like he didn’t know what we were talking about. Seriously? You’ve leveled a character to 80 and done enough heroics to get BoA shoulders, but don’t know the difference between Need and Greed??? Sorry to say we did not believe him. We tried to kick him, but we’d already kicked two offline players so the system would not allow us to do so. He finally left after we all teleported out. He wasn’t really that bad other than denying the obvious.

Tonight I entered Warsong Gulch to a mainly rogue group with one warlock. Said warlock was level 22 and with BoA shoulders I believe. I was group lead and he said something about keeping some people on defense. My strategy in Warsong has always been on the first go for everyone to run and run back. This allows you to demolish their team on the way back and run back before they can retrieve the flag again. The warlock calls me a fool, a fat guy, a basement dweller, etc. I had a few choice words for him myself, but mainly just said go do a few dungeons. Who enters at 22 in level 19 greens and complains about defense when he’s a walking, free HK and continues to complain when the group leader tells him that all should go on the offense. We end up across the map with half the team middle and myself and the warlock getting thoroughly owned by a few boa geared hunters in the horde’s flag room. I try to be good, but I can’t save the life of a bad 22 warlock and deal with 3 BoA geared hunters at the same time. lol I end up dealing the rest of the game with the kid who finally leaves after telling me he won’t take me seriously or give me any respect until after I cap a flag. Guess what??? I capped the our only flag that game after he left. Coincidence?? Maybe. Anyways we lost 2-1, but I left out top damage and near top in HKs.

Reminders From Today:

  • Don’t talk in battleground chat! It only leads to dealing with bad players who continuously cry.
  • Don’t camp the middle of Warsong Gulch! You’re annoying your whole entire team and letting their team walk around you with the flag!
  • Learn your class basics. Even just knowing its base stats goes a long way.
  • Take responsibility for what you do in randoms. We all know this isn’t your first character with those BoA shoulders.
  • And most importantly have fun! If you aren’t having fun then you may as well logout.



~ by aleanathem on February 21, 2010.

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