Out Looking

The title of this thread speaks volumes on my current situation in WoW. Has my love for druids diminished? Of course not!! I love druids as I’ve rolled more druid alts than I can count, but Al has certainly hit the roughest of times. I recently left the guild I was in to try and start my own. Believing I had well-thought through all the scenarios and was ready for what ever awaited my guild’s triumphant arrival on the raiding scene I posted two recruitment threads on the Azuremyst realm forum and the Alliance recruitment forum. To my dismay I have not heard a single peep from either of them. A good hunter friend of mine kindly bumped my realm forum post, but it seems for nothing.

A EST raiding guild on a PST server? Sounded like a great idea. Just because a server is set in a certain time zone doesn’t mean all or even the majority of its players are from the server’s time zone. In the case of Azuremyst most are from the west coast of the US, but many central and east coast players exist. I have found the lack of interest to say that most of these raiders are happy in their current situations. Who wants to give up some progression for a guild just building up? Not many people. I tried to setup a guild that was as much a casual guild for the players as it was a hardcore one. The casual side being we would only raid three nights a week(adding Tuesday if a major patch came out). The hardcore being players would know their class inside and out and always be prepared for raids. I thought this seemed like a good balance for most wanting to see content and even attempt to get server firsts. My thought line was skewed. I began the guild alone after issues between myself and the only person who was interested. My recruitment threads lacked thought and weren’t well organized. The views came and went. So I’ve decided to cancel the recruitment of said guild.

Where does all this leave Al? Right now I don’t know. Not being on good terms with the GM of my previous guild leaves me currently guildless as I cannot commit to the average raid time of most Azuremyst guilds. Thoughts of transferring come to mind, but then I look at my current financial status and realize that to transfer Al and the two characters who complement his raiding would be a costly expense. So I’ve been surfing around lately. Finally, I have been able to get back in contact with friends from the past and it is awesome to see they are playing once again. Also meeting new people and checking out new servers has been fun. But this all leaves the one character I have put more time and effort into silent. He hasn’t done ICC in almost 3 weeks and I have to say I some what miss it. If you know me well or have read much from me you know my feelings on Wrath raiding content. Still the fact remains I enjoy raiding and progression. Maybe Cataclysm will change my path in-game. One always hopes so!

I wish to continue blogging, but the title of this blog certainly has not had much to do with what I’ve been speaking on lately. Plus I don’t blog much as it has been shown! But I do enjoy the blogging community as a whole because many of you are some the most knowledgeable people to play the game. So I raise a glass to happier times and a better future yet to be found.



~ by aleanathem on March 4, 2010.

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