Single Abstract Noun Recruiting!

So in typical Of Claws and Paws fashion I am a bit behind.  As many bloggers and blog reads know a guild compromising mostly bloggers and blog readers has been formed on the EU Argent Dawn server by Tamarind of Righteous Orbs called <Single Abstract Noun>.  Well seeing as many of us US players do not have EU accounts Miss Medicina was nice enough to take up the cause and create a S.A.N. guild on the US Argent Dawn server.  The two guilds are faction opposites.  The EU guild is Horde and the US one is Alliance.  This means I have rolled ANOTHER druid, Aleia.  Now my druid does not play alone as I recently purchased a second account so I made a priest, Faíth.  Here’s a nice little picture of the two of them finishing off the Teldrassil quests at 13! (RAF ftw!)


Yes, both Aleia and Faíth are Shadowmelded.  I was on the quest to kill the Furblog leader and a hunter had just demolished so instead of hanging out in the open while they all respawned I ‘melded both.   I’ll hopefully have a better picture in the near future.  Maybe a picture of Pema, my Death Knight.  Until then this is as good as it gets! lol

S.A.N. has been an awesome experience so far and I encourage any new bloggers or any of my few readers to join up.  You don’t have to give up your main.  You don’t have to transfer your main to Argent Dawn either.  Just roll an Alliance character of your choice and /join singleabstractnoun channel for an invite!  Look forward to seeing and meet more people as I hope to stick around AD for a good while.



~ by aleanathem on March 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “Single Abstract Noun Recruiting!”

  1. Hi! – It’s going well, and it’s been pretty cool watching peoples levels grow.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the guild chat myself–far more interesting than I’m accustomed to!

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