Feral. Finally!

Aleia and Faith in Westfall

Yes, my dual boxing group finally hit 20!  I had spent a lot of time attempting to max their professions and messing around on the death knight and paladin, but I decided to make a push last night.  The shot above was before I hit 20. Yes, my druid was Balance.  Why? Bear form is more of an “Oh crap” button until you have the talent point to pick up Natural Reaction due to the lack of rage.  The priest is confused with point in Holy and Discipline.  And neither is well geared.  Level 17 killing mobs in a white!  But now with cat form I can finally Claw it up!

Enjoying SAN still and the chats rarely end.  Yes, there are the quite leveling times especially during the afternoon, but at night this guild is more active than any I’ve ever been in.  Plus we actually have worthwhile conversations.  Haven’t seen a lot of those since TBC!  And dual boxing.  What can I say it’s a learning curve.  I died for the first time yesterday to like five mobs in Moonbrook while my priest was left out of combat.  Yeah, the learning curve is amazingly high with two different classes, but having the druid with leatherworking and jewelcrafting and the priest with tailoring and enchanting is so nice.  Plus with my paladin I now add blacksmithing and inscription to the list.  Now I need an herb gathering character.  I think I’ll roll another druid(HELL YEAH!) and grant my RAF’s levels to it.


All that being said my two young ones now have mounts.  That means the priest can actually keep up with the druid.  Once the druid got travel form it was off to the races, but now they running fairly smooth.  Add the addon Jamba and dual boxing is now a must when leveling!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the post I linked in my last post please do so.  <Single Abstract Noun> is still recruiting and if I have to say anything it’s not going any where anytime soon!



~ by aleanathem on March 11, 2010.

One Response to “Feral. Finally!”

  1. First of all, loving the layout (I have the same exact one). Second of all, grats on 20! I can’t wait to hit 20.

    I must agree that, if I have any say either, SAN is not going anywhere. I know I ma pretty far down on the food chain, but SAN has been a breath of fresh air for me. I was just starting to think that I may quit playing when SAN came along. Now I have a wonderful group of people to chat with, fun stuff to do on a new Alt, and lots of stuff to learn since I am playing ally and usually play Horde.

    I don’t think I could ever dual box. I’d go nutters. But props to you for taking the chance and managing to do it! I have a great respect for you for that feat =P

    Well, at work now so I must be going. See you in game soon.

    ~Kai (Meja in SAN)~

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