“But all specs should be able to raid!!”

I hear that cry more often from many players than I wish to hear. I very much disagree with it due to the impossibility of it in what I believe to be true raiding progression guilds. Seriously how can every spec in every class be a 100% viable? Many bring nice buffs, but lack the dps, flexibility needed in certain situations, etc.

Now before anyone gets all upset I do understand there are tons of casual guilds that have raid and could care less about being top on their servers, but to any of you wishing to actually be in the thick of your server progression what I say has much truth. While on Shandris in TBC and into Wrath I did not sit as one of the better feral druids by gemming, enchanting, and specing completely by my own accord. I studied and made sure I was using the proven specs. This allowed me to perform to my maximum in any situation even if my computer wasn’t cooperating. You may hold tight to that spec, but when it is being outdps’ed by another spec or is showing signs of tanking weaknesses it is time to invest in the tools and vast knowledge provided by countless bloggers and theorycrafters.  These people don’t solely invest their time in testing theoretical ideas for themselves alone. If that were they case why would they take the time to publish it for you to read??

So what’s the excuse? You enjoy it? Well you claim to enjoy raiding as well and you say you want to progress at that of a high end guild’s ability. If so why aren’t you going for what those people want and need? Progression raiding requires sacrifice. Much of it is time, but there are many other parts to it. Spec changes are one area a hardcore raider must learn. To sacrifice is almost always for the betterment of the raid and that achieves the guild’s goal, progression.

So you still want to keep that spec? How about Dual Specing? It’s a simple solution. You can have your raid spec as your main spec and your favorite spec as your secondary spec. I know this isn’t a simple solution for the average hybrid and even many hardcore raiders snub the idea of a person making their second spec their “fun spec”. Still it is a simple solution to an issue that hinders a desire.

I understand and have read countless other blogs about this issue. My opinion is held by the few. Fine. I personally would rather hold the view of the few than the many. Plus it allows for many interesting debates and late night conversations that I would otherwise most likely never see. I am a hardcore raider being held against my will by a job and real life, but that doesn’t mean I will give up my ideas.



~ by aleanathem on March 15, 2010.

One Response to ““But all specs should be able to raid!!””

  1. The problem with many of the recent debates (in my view) is saying across the board “I don’t think this spec is viable” and in the very same post saying “although you could do as much or more dps in same-said spec as the accepted top dps spec.”

    Not every PLAYER is as good in every spec. People interested and involved in top-end raiding will make any change, including extra time learning new rotations/talents/gemming, every cycle patch to eek out every single ounce of dps. Most people are not that person, hence the wider community of people who respectfully disagree with your point of view.

    I’ve been in your position, I understand the frustration with people who choose NOT to do everything possible for the best possible outcome; however, playing in a more casual and less raid prioritized guild now, I can visibly see the result of the choices that those players make.

    Beyond having a viable spec that does the thing its supposed to do, eeking the last dps/hps/tps isn’t honestly going to change the guild’s overall success due to the priorities of the overall guild population. I’m not saying that all specs are viable, but many specs ARE viable, and the ones that cause the discussion storms are about eeking that last little bit of dps.

    If your priority is end-game progression, you better shape up. If your goal is to have a good time and struggle more than the average bear play what you enjoy.

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