A Hiatus?

You could say I’ve taken a hiatus from the blogging scene.  Real life hit hard this past month and even my gaming time has shrunk to almost zero.  I have managed to level my duo to 30 and even leveled my DK’s mining to Outland levels.  My shortened timed with WoW reminds me of how short a game’s lifespan can be.  Yet some how WoW has surpassed it and allows for a vacation even if it’s not by choice.

Aleia, my level 30 druid, is finally getting some of those abilities any feral druid misses from 1-30.   And as most old and even many new druids know Glyph of Claw is a must for any leveling feral until Mangle is obtained by at whatever level is done.  Faith…well she’s just a healbot.  What do you expect from me?  This druid lover to actually play the priest over the druid?  I pull her off follow at times for heals and even the ocassional DoT/wand kill.  Overall, I am enjoying my very slow progression at moment.  I’d of never thought I would like the slow pace, but it has allowed some much needed family time.

On that note druid Cataclysm glimpses are coming soon!  I add the exclamation with mixed emotions.  Druids have changed so much since Vanilla.  Being the laughable bear tank trying to tank bosses is no more.  Cats aren’t just for prowling.  The amount of change from TBC to now is still hitting in waves on me.  I don’t gear for bear and just push aside rogue gear unless it’s passed on.  I actually gem, spec, and gear for cat!  Guess we will have to wait and see what Cataclysm bring.  Will I go Worgen?  No.  Al was and  is a Night Elf.  I may try a Worgen druid once the insanity of the opening months fades, but as of right now you won’t see me as a Worgen or with a Worgen alt for a while.

So that’s a small update.  If you’ve read twitter or are even in SAN you know the situation.  And I thank each of you that did pray or even just light a candle.  It was felt more than you know.



~ by aleanathem on April 7, 2010.

One Response to “A Hiatus?”

  1. I was wondering where you vanished to. Glad to see an update. I understand about life hitting hard. Mine is doing just that right now. WoW and blogging has been helping a little, but mostly I need to just face life and what happens. But anyway. Hope to have you back full time again soon and hope life cleans itself up for you soon. Best of wishes.



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