No, that’s my next post!

So the Cataclysm class previews are out…well if you are any class, but a Pally. I am still musing and grumbling over how blind Blizzard can be to simple feral changes that would transform the class tremendously. I currently have been working on a post about the previews, but it is still a bit under construction.

Obviously I’m not playing WoW that much and for many that means they place zero value on my opinion. Well I could careless. People listen to theorycrafters at EJ that haven’t played in over a year. I still know my class and LOVE it. Do I know when I’ll get back into the raiding scene? That’s like tossing a deck of cards on the floor and picking up the two of clubs on my first attempt. I would love to get back into raiding, but real life right now has a hold and will lead me on. But expect a post almost as controversial as my last about 10 man raiding. Maybe I should start adding a warning to the beginning of all my posts. “Warning: You may hate what I say.” lol As always feel free to disagree, but be prepared to talk about it in the comments.

My apologies to any that find white text on a black background hard to read. I know there has been a post in SAN about it for a while, but I like the look of it. I also know many people use readers that remove any of the formatting, etc we bloggers do. So it won’t be changing any time soon. Maybe if I ever decide I have time and the energy to make my own page.



~ by aleanathem on April 12, 2010.

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