You know it’s pretty bad when you have to post on your guild’s forums to make yourself feel better.  Gwarden is nothing more than a mere Wrath, FotM, druid.  Sort of sad.  He simply proved my point bragging like a twelve year old to his guild(Just for laughs ).  It’s funny considering he’s the one that came over here all upset in the first place.   I mean does this guy seriously sit and google all day?  Poor kid, he gossips to his friends and is oblivious to the fact he knows nothing about what he speaks.  Oh well just another sign of the deterioration of the game and its community even more.

And yes, Infallibull, raiding is second rate now.  Deal with that fact.  You have to have a buff to down any content.  Try at least turning the ICC buff off.   And I find it funny how you guys talk about raiding, but neither one of you made it even to Yogg-Saron in Ulduar.   Why call yourself a raider if you couldn’t even down said content in this expansion.   Call me a nerd raging, hardcore fool all you want, but the proof’s in the pudding as the old saying goes.   Try completing the content that was set before you before ICC.  I’d sure take you up the challenge if you find a decent Alliance raiding guild that has good hours.  If your buddy, Gwarden, keeps up with my twitter feed as much as he says he would know my current situation, but alas I doubt he does.  Oh well keep flapping your jaws on your guild’s site.  Stroke the epeen.  It’s funny.  Thanks for giving me something to laugh at tonight.


~ by aleanathem on April 27, 2010.

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  1. Oh there’s some laughing going on alright…

  2. It’s such a shame that one of the few remainaing active kitty blogs is written by such a douche. FYI I read Gwarden’s forum thread – there were childish comments there, mostly subjective, but at least there weren’t 3 pure e-peen rubbing entries on the homepage.

    I’m hoping your inactivity means you have been dropped from the roster and this site plumments in Google’s rankings, for fear of players thinking all kitties are a bunch of wankers.

    • It’s a shame you are blinded by one side of the story. You must can’t read e-peen well. Or read their comment for that matter.

      I hope you realize how little you matter in the grand scheme of this game. Also how little your opinion matters to me. From what I can tell you’re a troll support person that is full of himself with an e-peen much like Gwarden’s. If you’re not maybe you’d take the time to prove it instead of meaningless name calling. Otherwise you will just be blocked like the rest of them. Maybe you should actually read what they wrote? It might help out your thoughts. They are trolls. Plain and simple. If you like to support trolls be my guest, but do it else where. Trolls aren’t wanted on any blog.

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