So it came with a blue post.

So you feel “vindicated”. And oh yeah this blogger must be a “smug little dick”. Do some of you even study Blizzard’s history on these promises? Until you see it done think of it as a fantasy. Hell, we don’t even have Cataclysm on the shelves and some of you are screaming over the supposed changes! Was I upset in some of the possible changes? In some ways and in others I could careless. But calling me a dick over my point of view? Get off your child’s soap box and step back to reality.

It’s okay if you’re a bad player and they just continually have to make the game easier for you. This game isn’t even that hard. It has become simply a place to spend your time. You want gear? Go farm heroics for badges. Want to see content? The bosses aren’t that hard you just have to have the time. I’d admit I enjoyed the raiding of Vanilla through TBC. Yes, it took some time, but it actually took some thought. I’ve had to fight to the end of Ulduar and turn on it’s hard modes to truly find a challenge within it. ToC…I could’ve slept walk through if I’d had a decent computer. Raiding at 1 fps doesn’t work out well for any player. ICC. I’ve seen up to the Princes and really and truly have to say most of it is rehashed fights from previous dungeons. I tanked up to Dreamwalker on 10 Normal with little knowledge other than on the fly from a friend. Maybe Sindragosa and LK would change my mind, but probably not.

Am I bitter? Again in a way I am. We were promised a raider’s dungeon in Ulduar and Blizzard went back on its word and made a free-for-all, easily puggable instance. ToC is nothing more than a filler where Blizzard experimented with the “gating system”. ICC, the “pinnacle” of Wrath raiding, isn’t the pinnacle. It’s closer to SSC/TK level than Sunwell.

And Blizzard stated they’d never make another raid instance at the level of Sunwell. How sad is that? A great company won’t rise to the challenge of its greatest challenge. That’s when a company begins its descent. I question why I play much any more. I find no fun in the raiding scene as it has become full of greedy people who think they deserve everything because they pay a few dollars a month. They whine if the content takes remotely more than a few buttons and thoughts. Strategy is a joke and is reflected in VoA where any half witted person can enter and leave with a shot at least one or two epics.

What’s the issue with wanting a challenging? Wanting a purple to be something more than one step up? Nothing. It’s not about sitting on drakes or warbears. It’s about wanting to keep that Tier set. It’s about never disenchanting or selling it and treasuring the memories made obtaining it. I disenchant Wrath gear regularly. I could careless to keep it. There’s nothing special about it. No memories are held within it. However I keep both my Tier 5 and Tier 6 sets with weapons in my bank. I treasure them and they hold dear memories of fond times with friends, good laughs, and so much more. That has been lost in this expansion. When Yogg-Saron died there was no jubilant shout of triumph outside of a few new raiders in my old raiding guild. Just another boss died. No one spoke of how many times we switched tanks, strategies, or members to get the kill. No one really cared. It was another progression boss on the totem poll to the top of the server. Don’t get me wrong. I know many of you had your first taste of that kind of satisfaction in Wrath, but also for many of you Wrath was your first time in WoW. So you never have known much outside of Naxx, Ulduar, ToC, and ICC. You’ve heard stories, watched videos, and seen pictures, but you lack that experience. To actually have to truly work out a strategy and down a boss is one of the most fun experiences in game.

Guess I can’t expect to have a company keep up that high of a capability to produce amazing raids forever. They must cater to where they see the money. The money is in the more casual player who wants everything to take less thought and time. Those purple pixels must flow! It’s funny. I’ve collected a lot of those purple pixels, but could careless to keep most of them. Those pixels may look nice, but are devoid of memories. Is my time with WoW over? I’ve given it thought, but I enjoy my time in SAN and the low level PvP I’ve been doing. Maybe I’ll try to twink more and forget about raiding. Why stick where it’s sadly going from bad to worse by the patch? Low level pvp’s only changes haven’t killed it. SAN is full of great people and is always a place for a good chat or just to find a good group to quest or dungeon with at night. I know many of them won’t share my sentiments on raiding. I hope none of them see it as an attack on their playstyle or feelings toward Wrath and what they have completed.

I’ll ask myself the question again. Am I bitter? No. Hardcore raiding has shined brightly throughout WoW and will continue in some form or another into Cataclysm. My time was TBC and I miss it, but I will always find those memories and old friends in my bank in the form of a couple tier sets that collect dust. It was fun learning the in’s and out’s of my class. I will continue to do so, but most likely at a much slower pace. My job and family keeps me busy so I’ll catch up to LK some day in the future. Just as I did KJ in Wrath I’m sure I’ll meet LK some day. Not with the fond memories you may have of him, but with the insight that he was once a difficult raid boss that took a bit of strategy and determination to finish off by many a lucky raider. This is by no means a white flag of surrender, but it is an acknowledgement that Blizzard will sadly never again take up the banner of the challenge. If it ever does I will be there and see it for myself. The continual caving into the money pit that casuals provide them is more of a sad annoyance. But most of this is for another long post and I’ve already done one. To which you can see one commenter has already replied to as if he thinks Blizzard completely sticks to its word. We will still have to wait and see what Cataclysm brings, but be reminded of the folly of counting your chickens before they hatch.



~ by aleanathem on April 27, 2010.

12 Responses to “So it came with a blue post.”

  1. You’ll be mourning for lost memories and crying to anyone that will listen, I’ll be playing a game with my mates and having a blast.
    Care to count THOSE chickens?

    ps. a blog = a virtual soapbox, the comments section is simply the rotten tomato being thrown onstage…

    • Denial? Yes, you are in denial. Nothing is set in stone until Cataclysm comes out. Blizzard has proven that throughout its history with TBC and Wrath. Keep stepping up on the proverbial soap box and counting chickens before they hatch. Enjoy being a naive child.

      PS. Your comments = a virtual soapbox. Look around YOU are the only one making pointless comments. Thanks for continuing the stereotypes of all new players.

      In all actuality keeping your mouth shut and moving along would do you more than trying to think you’re better than me, but then again what do I know. Seems a lot more than you.

      • Oh i’m sorry am I not allowed to point out that you’re a nostalgia-filled broken record?
        Either accept the changes or move on.
        Endlessly rehashing the same argument, and clutching onto a glimmer of hope that “oh Blizzard might change their mind” is pretty weak. I’m not the one Twittering and blogging about the good old days and how Blizzard is ruining the game. As you say: Fun is a relative term. Just because you’re not having any doesn’t mean millions of other people aren’t.
        So go join the the queue of whining hardcores and bleating elitists. It starts right over there under the sign that reads “Ghostcrawler could give a rat’s ass.”

      • I’m sorry if you are the broken record here. I’ve heard blabbering mouth people such as yourself since TBC. You think you’re the first to hound a hardcore player. The line starts way back there.

        Either accept the fact that nothing is set in stone or move along. The fact is Cataclysm isn’t in a box. You cannot buy it. You cannot even play its beta.

        Endlessly replying to me gets you no where. You hold to a blue post. Would you like me to link all the blue posts in history? These blues are more PR than dev team. They deal with people such as yourself and I daily and try to explain Blizzard’s current ideas and progression. They have nothing set in stone except patches and even those patches change. They have the ideas.

        Complaining and whining about people who know when a game is failing apart isn’t helping the game either. We aren’t ruining the game. We are part that made the game what it is. You are obviously a new player who has recently started playing and thinks he has some idea about it all. And I’ll reiterate fun is a relative term. Last I checked yours is one in a million.

        So shut your childish lips and go complain to your mirror. You’re the kid reading my posts. You’re the one replying and soon you will be the one blocked. Go hold on to GC’s shoe strings like the sniveling pig you claim to be. He won’t care about you one bit. Sorry…it’s all about money and your fun will be kicked to the side one day soon as well. Oh don’t cry. We don’t want to hear about your sob stories either.

      • I love how you constantly reiterate your belief that I’m a child. Does it make it easier for you to dismiss what I’m saying?
        At this stage you’re just putting words in my mouth so try these ones on: make assumptions about my skill as a player (and as a human being) all you like but i’ll continue to pay my subscription and enjoy the game while you sit on the sidelines and critique a game you’re no longer a part of.
        Let’s assume that Blizzard do change their mind and go back on these proposed changes. Will I care? No, not really. There’s not a single thing I can do to influence their decisions and I don’t delude myself that blogging and twittering about it will do anything but show people how obsessed I am over such an inconsequential matter.
        So label me all you want, call me out on your site, link to my armory profile like it means a damn thing: I’m not the one with sand in their vagina.
        Peace brah.

      • You are a troll. A troll is equal to a child. At this stage you’ve worn your welcome. Since you have nothing of value to say you are offically blocked along with your guild’s website. And I’d say you have plenty of sand in your vagina. Your first post proved that. Have fun when Cata comes out and your guild falls apart.

        And I’m sorry if you don’t think Blizzard pays attention to bloggers. Check out some gear in game. It’s named after bloggers. Thanks for acknowledging your lack of knowledge on any of this we are speaking about.

      • Aleanathema’s Leggings of the Sandy Vagina?

      • LOL Too bad the About Page was hard to find right?

        Probably another guild mate. Came to back up your little buddy? Cute.

  2. I feel your pain. I loved raiding in BC. I raided with two guilds, one that was a progression guild, that was always working on the latest content, and one that was less progressed and usually working a tier behind. So I can see the argument from both sides. Personally, I prefered being challenged and not handed epics for doing nothing.

    WotLK raiding has fallen a little flat for me. Making everything accessible for all is a noble intention, but it snubs the people who find challenges fun.

    • Thanks for not being someone like Gwarden, Jasyla. Seeing that there’s more than just epics and face rolling through content. Blizzard will destroy 25 man raiding in the next expansion and soon after that 10 man raiding. Raiding is pointless it seems to them. The money is in the 5 man groups and we will most likely see that in whatever expansion comes after Cataclysm. That is if Blizzard makes one.

      It’s to the point they may as well start mailing out gold and gear to players like Gwarden. There is no challenge left in WoW. It’s all about being stupid and calling it fun. Fun is a relative term. Fun means different things to different people. It’s too bad some people think they are the only ones who know what fun is. I enjoy a challenge, but others like Gwarden enjoy epics falling from the sky while facerolling.

  3. i miss the days of vanilla and TBC when you actually had to work for your epics. thesedays it’s farm badges for a week and BAM, epics for your main and heirlooms for your alts. and not challenging at all!

    this is exactly the reason i stopped playing WoW. it felt as if i had become a zombie. there was no fun element anymore when you start farming stuff. yes, there are ways to make it fun, but it’s accessible to every single person now.
    back in the day it was like running around in shattrath and you come across someone who is wielding blades of azzinoth. your in awes and aaaahs. it’s not like that anymore.

    @Gwarden, sooner or later you will grow up and face the fact your fun in game will be the only good think in your life. get out and enjoy the sun.

    • Thanks! And you’re right gear means nothing anymore. It’s pretty said if you read the thread off Gwarden’s guild site that he had to bash my gear yet he doesn’t have the achievements to back up his large ego. He cares more than he’ll admit. He’s a typical two faced player. They are the new normal raider.

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