Single Abstract Noun Recruiting!

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So in typical Of Claws and Paws fashion I am a bit behind.  As many bloggers and blog reads know a guild compromising mostly bloggers and blog readers has been formed on the EU Argent Dawn server by Tamarind of Righteous Orbs called <Single Abstract Noun>.  Well seeing as many of us US players do not have EU accounts Miss Medicina was nice enough to take up the cause and create a S.A.N. guild on the US Argent Dawn server.  The two guilds are faction opposites.  The EU guild is Horde and the US one is Alliance.  This means I have rolled ANOTHER druid, Aleia.  Now my druid does not play alone as I recently purchased a second account so I made a priest, Faíth.  Here’s a nice little picture of the two of them finishing off the Teldrassil quests at 13! (RAF ftw!)


Yes, both Aleia and Faíth are Shadowmelded.  I was on the quest to kill the Furblog leader and a hunter had just demolished so instead of hanging out in the open while they all respawned I ‘melded both.   I’ll hopefully have a better picture in the near future.  Maybe a picture of Pema, my Death Knight.  Until then this is as good as it gets! lol

S.A.N. has been an awesome experience so far and I encourage any new bloggers or any of my few readers to join up.  You don’t have to give up your main.  You don’t have to transfer your main to Argent Dawn either.  Just roll an Alliance character of your choice and /join singleabstractnoun channel for an invite!  Look forward to seeing and meet more people as I hope to stick around AD for a good while.



Out Looking

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The title of this thread speaks volumes on my current situation in WoW. Has my love for druids diminished? Of course not!! I love druids as I’ve rolled more druid alts than I can count, but Al has certainly hit the roughest of times. I recently left the guild I was in to try and start my own. Believing I had well-thought through all the scenarios and was ready for what ever awaited my guild’s triumphant arrival on the raiding scene I posted two recruitment threads on the Azuremyst realm forum and the Alliance recruitment forum. To my dismay I have not heard a single peep from either of them. A good hunter friend of mine kindly bumped my realm forum post, but it seems for nothing.

A EST raiding guild on a PST server? Sounded like a great idea. Just because a server is set in a certain time zone doesn’t mean all or even the majority of its players are from the server’s time zone. In the case of Azuremyst most are from the west coast of the US, but many central and east coast players exist. I have found the lack of interest to say that most of these raiders are happy in their current situations. Who wants to give up some progression for a guild just building up? Not many people. I tried to setup a guild that was as much a casual guild for the players as it was a hardcore one. The casual side being we would only raid three nights a week(adding Tuesday if a major patch came out). The hardcore being players would know their class inside and out and always be prepared for raids. I thought this seemed like a good balance for most wanting to see content and even attempt to get server firsts. My thought line was skewed. I began the guild alone after issues between myself and the only person who was interested. My recruitment threads lacked thought and weren’t well organized. The views came and went. So I’ve decided to cancel the recruitment of said guild.

Where does all this leave Al? Right now I don’t know. Not being on good terms with the GM of my previous guild leaves me currently guildless as I cannot commit to the average raid time of most Azuremyst guilds. Thoughts of transferring come to mind, but then I look at my current financial status and realize that to transfer Al and the two characters who complement his raiding would be a costly expense. So I’ve been surfing around lately. Finally, I have been able to get back in contact with friends from the past and it is awesome to see they are playing once again. Also meeting new people and checking out new servers has been fun. But this all leaves the one character I have put more time and effort into silent. He hasn’t done ICC in almost 3 weeks and I have to say I some what miss it. If you know me well or have read much from me you know my feelings on Wrath raiding content. Still the fact remains I enjoy raiding and progression. Maybe Cataclysm will change my path in-game. One always hopes so!

I wish to continue blogging, but the title of this blog certainly has not had much to do with what I’ve been speaking on lately. Plus I don’t blog much as it has been shown! But I do enjoy the blogging community as a whole because many of you are some the most knowledgeable people to play the game. So I raise a glass to happier times and a better future yet to be found.


Today’s Low Level Rant

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So I’ve been playing one my little hunter alts a lot in hopes of having Al go JC/Enchant. I know! I know! I say I am going to a lot in game. It’s a work in progress.

So lately I’ve been doing random LFDs and BGing. In LFD I normally top anyone outside of a pally tank with BoAs and consecrate. What can I say, but hunter is literally rolling face for the first like 40 levels. In BGs, I top in damage, kills, killing blows and on rare occasions, healing! Yes, the bad healers come out or we get mostly hunters! All this is with solely wearing the BoA PvE shoulders. It’s loads of fun. The issue here is that some people think they are the best and if you disagree you’re a basement dwelling, scruffy nerf herder.

I recently did a LFD in which I was lucky enough to meet a shaman healer and druid tank that we stuck it through for a night. That night included a Blackfathoms Deep run. In this run was a warlock with BoA shoulders whom needed on every piece of gear. From “of the Boar” greens to the two handed axe off a boss. When confronted he tried to act like he didn’t know what we were talking about. Seriously? You’ve leveled a character to 80 and done enough heroics to get BoA shoulders, but don’t know the difference between Need and Greed??? Sorry to say we did not believe him. We tried to kick him, but we’d already kicked two offline players so the system would not allow us to do so. He finally left after we all teleported out. He wasn’t really that bad other than denying the obvious.

Tonight I entered Warsong Gulch to a mainly rogue group with one warlock. Said warlock was level 22 and with BoA shoulders I believe. I was group lead and he said something about keeping some people on defense. My strategy in Warsong has always been on the first go for everyone to run and run back. This allows you to demolish their team on the way back and run back before they can retrieve the flag again. The warlock calls me a fool, a fat guy, a basement dweller, etc. I had a few choice words for him myself, but mainly just said go do a few dungeons. Who enters at 22 in level 19 greens and complains about defense when he’s a walking, free HK and continues to complain when the group leader tells him that all should go on the offense. We end up across the map with half the team middle and myself and the warlock getting thoroughly owned by a few boa geared hunters in the horde’s flag room. I try to be good, but I can’t save the life of a bad 22 warlock and deal with 3 BoA geared hunters at the same time. lol I end up dealing the rest of the game with the kid who finally leaves after telling me he won’t take me seriously or give me any respect until after I cap a flag. Guess what??? I capped the our only flag that game after he left. Coincidence?? Maybe. Anyways we lost 2-1, but I left out top damage and near top in HKs.

Reminders From Today:

  • Don’t talk in battleground chat! It only leads to dealing with bad players who continuously cry.
  • Don’t camp the middle of Warsong Gulch! You’re annoying your whole entire team and letting their team walk around you with the flag!
  • Learn your class basics. Even just knowing its base stats goes a long way.
  • Take responsibility for what you do in randoms. We all know this isn’t your first character with those BoA shoulders.
  • And most importantly have fun! If you aren’t having fun then you may as well logout.


Watching the Past Crumble

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So I logged onto an old alt in my first raiding guild and /who’ed their new guild. An old friend of mine was on his alt and another was on his main. I began to chat with them and asked how things were now. They informed me most of the officers had quit and others had either faction changed or transferred. Well it seems my premonitions were correct.

I left that guild in middle of hard modes on XT-Deconstructor. Now it wasn’t that the players were bad. It was the attitude that had began to permeate throughout the guild. When I originally joined the guild in TBC it was the premier Alliance guild and to many the premier guild on the server. The Horde top guild was top server wise, but left hitting the Twins in Sunwell. We were left on Kalecgos and Brutallus. The guild was well respected on and off server. They recruited fine off server and had constant transfers applying. When I left most application was from within the server or from players who had left the server at one point only to return.  The respect was gone.  The guild could not recruit off server so it decided to merge with an up and coming guild.  Soon thereafter it continued what seemed to be normal progression with an overly large roster.

Now we come to where I enter and find it has been abandoned. The oldest raiding guild on my former server is gone.  It exists as a shelled out home for leftover alts.  Namely a few I will never level.  It’s a reminder of what people can create and tear down so easily.  I do not hate any of the officers or those who came and went.  In fact I would consider some of the members and previous members to be some of the greatest players I’ve ever met.   I do hate how issues were handled and what became of a guild that held so much promise for so long.  Recruitment standards were lowered in favor of friends.  Drama was allowed to enter and tear a guild full of friendships apart.  This guild had overcome trolls, half of its officer core leaving, a GM quitting the game, and numerous other issues throughout TBC.  To see it fall apart due to poor recruitment and leadership befuddles and saddens me.

We all can agree we wish some things would last forever.  I would have to say this was one of those things for me.  Not to get so wrapped up in a fantasy world full of dungeons and magical races, but to meet an amazing group of people who could work together, as friends, to overcome any obstacle put before them.

Yes, it’s around half a year late for this post.  I left that guild over the summer and it merged I believe in August.  But hearing tonight what has happened still saddens. Do I care about the merged guild?  No.  It’s the shell that I find still with a tag over my death knight’s head that leaves me sorrowful.  Will that server ever have an Alliance guild of the quality that one once possessed?  I doubt it.  It’s a dead server overall.  People transfer out there.  I’m one of many that found the “greener grass” and still in some ways long for the desolate pastures of old.


Up-to-Date 2/9

•February 9, 2010 • 3 Comments

So I had made a promise in December to blog once a week. Obviously I did not fulfill my commitment to myself. I hope that changes soon enough.

On Al’s side of things he’s been seeing many wipes on Festergut in 25 and Rotface in 10s. I’m accustomed to it now and figure I signed up for it! No, no! I really like the people in my guild it’s just many of them could careless to improve. So I’ve run into the wipe fests that remind me of Archimonde, but with less progress.

I’ve rolled a few more alts. What can I say, but I like alts. And I found Ruin to have a good twink community so I’ve decided to take up shop in the 19s there for a bit.

Have I tanked any on Al? Not really. This has upset a couple guildies asking me to tank heroics, but normally it’s after midnight and I’m not that awake then. I’ve dps’ed a few heroics however and even got a new tanking trinket out of 25 ToC!

I still enjoy WoW, but don’t we all question at times our place in the game? I mean I have much to look forward to if any of these jobs I’ve applied for accept me, but I still can’t do much in game. …ok I sound like a sad broken record. I know!

So how’s feral dpsing working out for you few ferals out there in ICC. Outside of those two bosses I’ve seen nothing else in ICC. My fault? Some what, but I’d rather be rested than snoozing at work and being fired!


Real Life, Raiding, and the Frustration

•January 21, 2010 • 4 Comments

So I told you a couple posts back I got a new computer.  I still love it and have upwards of 50 fps in raids.  The problem is my job.  I’m currently a part-time sales associate for a large office supply chain.  This means my schedule is utterly and completely random.  The only day I currently have off consistently is Sunday.  This does not work well with any raid schedule.  Plus having the hardcore desire to push past simple into hard modes is impossible in my current situation.  I’ve made a total of two raids since I “returned” to my guild’s raiding group.  One was the first night of guild Festergut attempts.  The other was doing ToC.  Outside of a drop off Anub and new shoulders my gear sits woefully at Ulduar levels with a few exceptions.  This is mostly mainly due to my laziness and lack of time.  So here I sit frustrated with my addons(if you follow me on Twitter then you know this issue well) and having smaller amounts of time.

I’d love to up and quit my job, but then I couldn’t pay for WoW or this amazing computer.  So I have renewed my job hunt only to find my lack of experience and worthless Bachelors degree a major hindrance.  Now I know I’m not the only person struggling with these issues.  So love to see how others are dealing with taking “second rate” jobs and finding the time to raid.


Late Night

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So I’m off work for the next two days. I’ve been farming mostly in the past few days. Did a bit of ToC and found out how screwed up my mods were. Still figuring out my G13. It’s a beautiful piece of work. If anyone has any ides on any profiles I can upload for my G13 or G19 feel free to let me know! Also a short tip. If you plan on farming ore or herbs roll a druid. Flight form has and always will be OP when it comes to farming. Yes, paladins get crusader aura, but I don’t even have to leave form to herb! Well it’s late so a bit of sleep will do a druid good.